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Second Round of Volunteer Recruitment for the 7th CISM World Summer Games Started



WUHAN (CHN) - The Volunteers Department of Wuhan Executive Committee started to recruit the second batch of more than 30,000 volunteers on Feb. 28. Anyone who is interested may sign up via the Volunteer Management System of the 7th CISM World Games website.

Recruitment of the first batch of over 12,000 volunteers was completed in June last year. They completed general training in January this year, including 160 recruited from 16 cities in Hubei Province except Wuhan, who will be volunteering during the Games. Interested applicants from Hubei Province can also sign up for the second round of recruitment online.

The main work of volunteers is to provide services for competitions, activities, and related matters during the Games. They are divided into 13 groups for arrival/departure, concierge, language, traffic guidance, medical and health care, news promotion, audience service, etc. It is known that they will mainly serve at airports, railway stations, hotels, Athletes’ Village, media centres, competition venues, referee stations and other places. The recruitment mainly targets at students from military schools and universities in Wuhan, and members from well-known volunteer groups. During the first round of recruitment, more than 1,200 people from other walks of life signed up.



According to the person responsible for the Volunteers Department of Wuhan Executive Committee, after completion of the second round of recruitment, all selected candidates will receive general training in June of this year and be qualified for work when they pass the online test. Wuhan Executive Committee will allocate and use the volunteers in accordance with the principle of “Matching between gymnasiums and schools and adhering to the principal of proximity”.

It’s learnt that the volunteers will, according to the arrangement of the Wuhan Executive Committee, during the Games, receive insurance for personal accidents, working meals, drinking water, garments and related equipment, as well as necessary allowances for transportation and communication during the Games. After the service, volunteers will receive volunteer badges of different levels and CISM volunteer service certificates according to the accumulated service hours and their performance.

It is also known that the Wuhan Executive Committee also plans to recruit several volunteers in several major port cities in China to receive international participants of the Games and help them in transferring.



How to apply for the CISM Games volunteer

Follow the official WeChat account of “the 7th CISM World Games”, send a message “sign up”, and there will be a link for signing up.

Follow the official WeChat account of “the 7th CISM World Games” and enter the column “volunteer registration” in the Menu Bar.

Visit the 7th CISM World Games website and enter the signing up page from the home page.


(Source:  7th CISM World Summer Games Official Website)