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Launching Ceremony of the Logo, Mascot and Website of the 7th CISM Word Summer Games 2019



WUHAN CITY (CHN) – In the framework of the third Board of Directors (BoD) Meeting 2017 that was held in Wuhan from November 21 to 23, the CISM President Colonel Abdulhakim Alshino, the CISM Secretary General Colonel Dorah Mamby Koita and the CISM Staff Representatives were invited to attend a protocol audience in the East Lake Hotel and Conference Center with the SUMOC 2019 authorities including the two Directors of the Wuhan Executive Committee of the 7th CISM World Games: Vice Director of Training and Management of the Central Military Commission Yang Jian and Mayor of Wuhan Municipal People’s Government Wan Yong.



Following this audience, the launching Ceremony of the Official Logo Mascot and Website of the 7th CISM World Summer Games Wuhan 2019 was held in presence of numerous representatives of the National and International Press.

For more information, visit the OC Official Website, which is available in Chinese, English and French!



Called the “Bond of Peace and Friendship”, the logo is composed of the following elements: the “five-pointed stars”, a “peace dove”, a “colored ribbon”, and the number “7”.  “Five-pointed stars” highlights the characteristics of soldiers and the army, highly aligned with the symbolic meaning of the CISM World Games;

The seven “five-pointed stars” imply that soldiers from various countries gather in Wuhan to celebrate the event of peace under China’s proposal of “adhering to peaceful development and working to build a community with a shared future for mankind”;

A “peace dove” is found at a point of the first star in the upper end of the logo, implying that China will spread the concept of peaceful development to every corner of the world through this grand event.



The mascot is named “Bingbing”, with its design inspiration from Chinese sturgeon, an old fish species migrating in the Yangtze River Basin and the shallow sea outside the estuary of the Yangtze River. The mascot’s name “Bingbing” means soldier. The Chinese pronunciation is simple, catchy and easy to be promoted! With an anthropomorphic design that facilitates the extension of the modeling, the tenacious and strong mascot looks lively, lovely and smart, showing Wuhan’s hospitality and easily accepted and loved by peoples around the world. Its sunny and confident smile together with the modeling of open arms and moving forward symbolizes that China is willing to share friendship and promote peace with friends from all over the world in a more open, inclusive and hospitable approach.



A Press Conference was also held in presence of the CISM President, CISM Secretary General, Colonel Jia Shijiang, Vice Director of Wuhan Executive Committee of the 7th CISM World Summer Games and Vice-Director of the Training and Management Department of the Central Military Commission and Liu Yingzi, Vice Director of Wuhan Executive Committee of the 7th CISM World Summer Games and Vice Mayor of the Wuhan Municipal People’s government. During this Press Conference, the representatives of the National and International Press had to opportunity to ask their questions about the organization of the 7th CISM World Summer Games.



In the afternoon, bilateral talks were held in the Wuhan International Convention Center between the representatives of the CISM Coordination Committee and the SUMOC 2019 Executive Commission. These talks ended this 5 days fruitful meeting!


 (Source: CISM Media and Communication Department)

(Pictures: Chinese Delegation to CISM)