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72nd CISM Congress and General Assembly in Athens, Greece – Day 4



ATHENS (GRE) – In the framework of the 72nd CISM Congress and General Assembly, the first day of the Congress started this morning with the welcome speeches from the CISM President Colonel Abdulhakeem Alshino and the Chief of Delegation of Greece to CISM Navy Captain Spyridon Andriopoulos.



The first part of the Congress was dedicated to the CISM International Sport and Peace Session 2017 with an allocution of the CISM Honorary President Major General Dottore Gianni Gola. Mr. Olivier Verhelle, CISM Administration and Human Resources Director, and Commander Marcos Vinicius Lucio, the CISM Sports for Peace Manager, presented a report of the CISM Sports & Peace activities “A Decade of CISM Efforts on Sport for Peace”. Dr. Constantinos Filis, PhD, from the International Olympic Truce Foundation, then presented the Business Action Plan of the IOTF during the Olympic Games and the Implementation Plan of CISM to CISM International Truce Committee. Admiral Paolo Martino Zuccaro, Head of Delegation of Brazil to CISM, ended the “Sport & Peace” part with his presentation “Forces in Sports Program”.



After a first break, the CISM President Colonel Abdulhakeem Alshino presented an overview of the CISM Activities and the CISM initiatives for “Sport and Peace” and was followed by the Report of the CISM Secretary General Colonel Dorah Mamby Koita, who updated the assembly with the activities of the CISM Headquarters



The Vice-Presidents in attendance of the four continents (Africa, America, Asia and Europe), had also the opportunity to present their reports of activities related to their continental organization. Colonel B.A.M. Walter Van Velthoven presented the CISM Finances and Budget report and discussed the Budget 2017 and 2018 while Brigadier General Frances Allen introduced the New CISM Financial Regulations.  Colonel Dieter Weigold gave a presentation about the CISM Planning and Development Commission Inputs, which was dealing with the Review of the 2015-2016 Business Plan, the prospective vision of the future CISM Business Plan, the alignment between CISM Business Plan and CISM Budget as well as the definition of a new CISM Mission Statement.



The CISM Sports Commission Inputs part started with Lieutenant-Colonel Walter Borghino who presented his report of the CISM Sports Commission while Lieutenant-Colonel Alessandro Trono announced the Aeronautical Pentathlon President Colonel Pedro Gagliardi would replace him as new PCSC Representative. The Colonel Carlos Santos, CISM Sports Department Director and World Military Championships Manager, Mrs. Anna Kuzawinska Rüegg, the successively took the floor to present the Presidents of the CISM Sports Committees, the CISM World Events Calendar 2017-2018 and the presentation of the host nations of the 2017 and 2018 CISM Events.



The first day of the Congress ended with the Communication related presentations: Mr. David Vandenplas, the CISM Communication and Media Director, detailed the communications tools that CISM is using to improve its communication amongst the Member Nations, the athletes and the fans.

The Commissaire en Chef de Première Classe Hervé Piccirillo, Head of Delegation of the French Delegation to CISM, the strategy implemented by the French Delegation to improve its communication through the social networks!



The second day of the Congress will start tomorrow morning, May 6, and will be followed by the General Assembly will take place tomorrow, with the following speakers:

  • Oman delegation to CISM – Final Report of the 2nd CISM World Football Cup in Oman

  • Russian delegation to CISM – Final Report of the 3rd CISM World Winter Games in Sochi

  • Indonesian Delegation to CISM – Presentation of the 3rd CISM World Cadet Games

  • Mayor of Wuhan City Mr. Won – Presentation on the preparation of the 7th CISM World Summer Games Wuhan 2019

  • Heiki Kyrolainen (FIN) & Commander Urbancg – CISM Academy and CISM Sports Science

  • CISM Marketing Agency – Presentation of the CISM Marketing Agency and of the CISM Master Program with the Jungwon University.



In the evening, the Closing Ceremony will end this 72nd CISM Congress and General Assembly.

The second day of the Congress of the 72nd CISM Congress and General Assembly will be broadcasted live today on the CISM Facebook and the CISM Website.


Source: David Vandenplas (CISM Media and Communication Director)

Pictures: Maxime Morlet (CISM Media and Communication Assistant) & Ioannis Dondoros