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64th WMC Military Pentathlon – Salinas (ECU) – Update – Day 5




China and Russia on the top!


SALINAS (ECU) – The last day of individual and team competition of the 64th World Military Pentathlon Championship took place yesterday in Salinas (ECU) with the Cross-Country event. All the different medals were also awarded apart those from the obstacle relay, one of the most exciting and impressive event of the program that will take place today.

The cross-country running is the last event of the competition and the male and female athletes had to run respectively 8000 meters and 4000 meters.



The Russian 2.Lt Sergei Alpatov, one of the pretender to the gold medal as he won the title last year in Wiener Neustadt, won the men’s cross-country event with a 3,4 seconds lead on 1.Lt Yucheng Pan (CHN) and more than 15 seconds ahead of Brazilian Captain Diego Garcia. Unfortunately, Alpatov’s performance was not good enough to see him on the podium of the overall ranking that totally changed after this last event: indeed, 1.Lt Yucheng Pan (CHN) is the new Military Pentathlon World Champion with 5502,7 points ahead of the silver and bronze medalists 1.Lt Aliaksandr Vasileuski (BLR – 5469,5 points) and 2.Lt Aleksei Krylov (RUS – 5462,8 points).



2.Lt Ivan Driukhanov (RUS) won the individual newcomer men overall ranking with a 47,3 points lead on Corporal Gabriel Bordin (BRA) while 2.Lt Kristoffer Skonnord (NOR) was ranked third!

The Russian Male team, composed of Alpatov, Krylov, Driukhanov, Svechnikov P. & A., won the cross-country event with 4372,9 points, and China (Pan, Gong, Wang, Aniuergu and Zhang) and Brazil (Garcia, Castro, Sales, Cabral and Bordin) respectively took the silver and bronze medal of the event.



The Chinese team, who was leading the overall ranking before this last event, became the new world champion of the event with 21761,8 points ahead of Russia and Belarus (Vasileuski, Shkuruk, Markevich, Herasimau and Viarenich), respectively ranked second and third with 21660,7 and 21541,2 points.

In the female cross-country event, Private Anna Gosk won the first gold medal for her country, Poland, as she defeated the two Russian athletes, Lieutenant Liudmila Egorova and WO Evgeniia Aksenova, with a 23 seconds lead.



Despite this result, there was no change for the female gold medal race as Corporal Chaonan Guan (CHN) is the new Military Pentathlon World Champion with a total of 5497,6 points in the 5 events. A deserved gold medal for the Chinese athlete as she was leading since the second event. Her two teammates 1.Lt Tang Lin Wang and Corporal Qian Wu are completing the final ranking with 5428,7 points and 5395,1 points.

In the cross-country female team event, Russia (Egorova, Aksenova, Konokpo and Tikhonovich – 3316,3 points) was ranked first ahead of China (Lu, Wu, Guan and Wang – 3307,9 points) and Poland (Gosk, Adamczyk and Bogusz – 3268,1 points).



Indeed, the excellent results of the Chinese athletes in the individual events allowed the Chinese female team to win also the overall ranking with 16321,4 points ahead of Denmark (Hjalager, Nielsen, Tolstrup and Kjar – 15816,7 points) and Democratic People's Republic of Korea (Choe, Ryu, Ri and Kim - 15693,5 points).

Another Chinese athlete, 1. Private Pingping Lu, won the gold medal of the individual newcomer women event with 5361,5 points ahead of 2.Lt Su Ryon Kim (5123,0 points) and Sgt Lessa Jessica (BRA – 5022,9 points).



The last event of this 64th WMC Military Pentathlon, the Obstacle Relay, will take place today in Salinas before the Official Closing Ceremony of the event!




Female: Individual Cross-CountryIndividual Final RankingIndividual Newcomer Final Ranking - Team Cross-Country - Team Final Ranking

Male: Individual Cross-CountryIndividual Final RankingIndividual Newcomer Final Ranking - Team Cross-CountryTeam Final Ranking




You can download all the pictures of the 64th WMC Military Pentathlon on the CISM Flickr Account: https://flic.kr/s/aHsm1tXxJo

For more information about the 64th WMPC, visit the OC Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/64WMPC/

All the results are also available on http://cism-pentathlonecuador.ec/results.html


(Source: CISM Communication and Media Department)

(Pictures: Mr. Maxime Morlet, CISM Media and Communication Assistant and Photographer)