CISM Athlete of the Year 2022 Award



  • The CISM Athlete of the Year 2022 Award is presented to an athlete in order to identify and recognize the most significant sportive performance. For the selection we have looked at the eligibility, the fair play, personal empathy, discipline, respect to the rules, self-behaviour etc. With this election we want to honour the athletes, who promote the CISM values and enhance CISM visibility.


  • The athletes eligible to run for this award are all males and females, in active military duty, who have participated in CISM events of Sports Category 1, during CISM World Military Championships or CISM Military World Games.


  • The period considered to evaluation is the CISM Championships calendar year, from January 1st to December 31st 2022.




  • The votes are open from December 21 2022 until February 15 2023 (midnight, Belgian time).


  • Only one vote per person !



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