6th CISM World Summer Games Mungyeong (KOR) 2015


6th CISM World Summer Games - Promotional Video





From 9 to 12 October, the CISM Coordination Committee made an inspection visit to Korea with three main objectives:


Inspecting the venues construction and analyzing its level of completion;

Meeting officially the appointed President and SG of the Organizing Committee (SUMOC);

Adapting the final sports program and working on the contract to get it signed before end 2012.

The KAFAC new sports center with an area of 1,475,818.41㎡  is newly constructed in Mungyeong city. The CISM CC inspected the venues under construction. The current situation is very positive and encouraging. Some 85 % of the sites building have been completed so far. The construction of the sites will be completed on schedule mid February 2013. 
The KAFAC site includes 50 buildings divided in 40 training facilities and 10 accommodation and offices facilities. In 2015, a minimum of 10 sports will be organized at the KAFAC center. 



Official meetings and audiences


An official audience to the newly elected Mayor of Mungyeong was done on 09 Oct. The new mayor declared himself in favor of the Games and repeated the total support of the city and provincial authorities to the Games. The sale evening the mayor hosted a dinner with members of the support team of the province.
On 10 October an official visit to the MND building where the SUMOC Offices are currently located was done. On that occasion, audiences to the President of the organizing Committee, MG Park and its SG, BG Kim (CISM BoD Member) was done. After an official exchange of gifts Col Morisod expressed the satisfaction on the current situation of the preparation of the Games and highlighted the importance to finalize the contract of organization.

Sports Program

The SUMOC explained that despite of their candidature intentions to host 25 sports, some budget constraints had forced SUMOC to reduce the number of sports. After a long discussion and reflection with the sports responsible officers it was decided to reduce the number of sports to some 20. These sports will be decided as soon as possible but the 3 CISM pentathlons, our own CISM sports, were confirmed. 

Regulations and contract

Other meetings took place to review the different points of the contract and regulations of the event in sight of a final signature end 2012.

The Coordination Committee left Korea with strong evidences of the commitment of the Korean authorities and with a positive impression and facts on the progresses of the preparation of the event!