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Participation of CISM Athletes in the Parachuting Tournament in Poznań



POZNAŃ (POL) - From September 1 to 7, another edition of the CISM Military Skydiving Tournament took place in Poland. The competition was held in the framework of the 49th Polish Military Skydiving Championship, organized by the Poznań Military Skydiving Training Center at the 31st Krzesiny Air Force Tactical Base.

Seventeen teams representing 3 nationalities participated in the competition and completed 8 rounds, struggling with the weather and air traffic, all supported by 31st Air Force Tactical Base and the pilots of Mi-2 and Mi-17.



The results of the CISM Tournament are as follows:


  • Individual male accuracy:

- Gold medal – 2nd Lt Lhoussaine IJAAJAANE - Morocco

- Silver medal - Cpl Rafał Filus – Poland Military Team I

- Bronze medal - MCpl Tomasz Podstawka - Poland Military Team I


  • Individual female accuracy:

- Gold medal – Sgt Fatima–Zahra EL ABIAD - Morocco

- Silver medal - Sgt Samira MAHNINE - Morocco

- Bronze medal - SSgt Malika LAHMAR – Morocco



  • Team accuracy:

- Gold medal – Poland Military Team I

- Silver medal – Netherlands

- Bronze medal – Morocco Male


The next edition of the Tournament will be held in 2020 in the mountainous Zakopane area.

All the military CISM athletes are welcome to participate!


(Source: Cpt Iwona Raczkiewicz)

(Pictures: Maciej Lipiński „Invidia Me”)