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36th WMC Wrestling – Baku (AZE) – Final Report






Wrestling Championship 2023 Summary: Dominance and Diversity in Baku


BAKU (AZE) - The 36th World Military Wrestling Championship in Baku showcased exceptional performances across Men's Freestyle, Men's Greco-Roman, and Women's Wrestling events. The event, featuring Olympians and World Champions, concluded with Azerbaijan, Iran, and Mongolia emerging as dominant forces.

The championship demonstrated the prowess of athletes from diverse nations, highlighting the global appeal of wrestling. Azerbaijan's dominant performance in Men's Freestyle and Men’s Greco-Roman, Iran's strength in Men's Greco-Roman, and Mongolia's triumph in Women's Wrestling added to the event's intensity. As the championship concludes, it leaves a legacy of fierce competition and international camaraderie.


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In the Men's Seniors Freestyle category, the Azerbaijani delegation made a significant impact by securing a remarkable total of five gold medals, in addition to one silver and two bronzes. This splendid demonstration by the host country was made possible through the outstanding performances of Ali Rahimzada (-65kg), Haci Aliyev (-70kg), Turan Bayramov (-74kg), Orxan Abbasov (-79kg), and Ibrahim Yusifov (-92kg).

Iran and Turkey each earned two gold medals, contributing to the competitive landscape. Notably, Ahmet Duman and Mustafa Sessiz from Turkey emerged victorious in the -61kg and -97kg categories, respectively. The Iranian delegation relied on Mahdi Veisi, who triumphed in the -57kg category, and Mostafa Toghani, the champion in the heavyweight division (125kg).

The sole remaining individual gold medal in the Freestyle category was claimed by the American Morgan McIntosh, who secured victory in the -86kg division by defeating Iranian Reza Ebrahim Nejad.

As expected, Azerbaijan clinched the team championship in Freestyle, outperforming Iran and Turkey.


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In Greco-Roman wrestling, Azerbaijan continued its dominance with four gold medals, achieved by Nihad Quluzada (-60kg), Ziya Babashov (-63kg), Ulvu Qanizada (-72kg), and Murad Ahmadiyev (-97kg). However, the Iranian delegation challenged Azerbaijani supremacy, securing four gold medals, including Alizadeh Nasser's victory over Azerbaijani Laçin Valiyev in the -87kg final. Iran's success extended to titles in the -77kg, -87kg, and 130kg categories, ultimately leading them to triumph in the team competition with a mere two-point advantage over the host country.

The remaining three gold medals in the Greco-Roman category were claimed by Amangali Bekboltov (Kazakhstan, -55kg), Maksim Skuratov (Russia, -67kg), and Hasan Berk Kilinç (Turkey, 82kg).


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In the Women's category, Mongolia displayed remarkable strength with four gold medals earned by Munkhnar Byambasuren (-50kg), Tserenchimed Sukhee (-62kg), Narkhajid Nyamsuren (-65kg), and Tsogzolmaa Dorjsuren (-72kg). Romania and Azerbaijan also secured two gold medals each, with notable victories by Grigore Emilia Alina (ROU – 53kg), Ana Andreea Beatrice (ROU - 55 kg), Jala Aliyeva (AZE - 57 kg), and Mammadova Ruzanna (AZE - 59 kg).

Noteworthy victories include the Nigerian Hannah Reuben, who defeated the Italian Laura Godino in the -68 kg final, and the American Kelly Tristan, who overcame another Italian, Erica Rinaldi, in the -76kg gold medal match.


In the women’s team standings, Mongolia claimed the top spot, followed by Azerbaijan and Romania.


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The 36th World Military Wrestling Championship showcased exceptional athleticism and sportsmanship, solidifying its status as a premier international wrestling event. The presence of elite athletes further emphasized the competition's significance, contributing to the global promotion of the sport. The host city, Baku, once again proved itself as an excellent venue for world-class sporting events.

This meticulously organized event by the Azerbaijani delegation concludes the 2023 sports season for CISM. We eagerly anticipate reconvening in Dhaka, Bangladesh, from February 25 to 29, for the 3rd CISM World Military Archery Championship, marking the commencement of an intense sports year in 2024 for CISM!




(Source: CISM Media & Communication Department)