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CISM Board of Directors


The Board of Directors is composed of 19 (nineteen) members and is elected and granted powers by the General Assembly (GA) to decide all measures relating to management and administration of CISM within the limits of its Statutes and Policy Manual, between two GA's.


The Board of Directors is accountable to the General Assembly. Its authorities and responsibilities are to oversee the work of CISM bodies and to ensure their proper management, ensure that decisions of the General Assembly are implemented properly, develop and implement the CISM strategic and annual business plans. The Board of Directors has to establish policy and procedures except those under sole authority of the General Assembly, formulate mandates of CISM bodies and oversee the preparation of the Congress and General Assembly, establish commissions, approve the CISM world events calendar for the next two years, ensure overall financial control and proper financial administration.


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The Board of Directors is composed of nineteen (19) members as follows : the President of CISM, the four CISM Presidents for continents and fourteen members. Nineteen (19) seats on the Board of Directors, the President being considered as neutral, are divided between the four continents to ensure geographic balance as follows : Africa 5, Americas 4, Asia 4 and Europe 5. The Board of Directors normally meets three times a year : one in March, one in May and one in November.


The CISM President for continents represents CISM in his continent on behalf of the President. He is accountable to the Board of Directors.


Among his authorities and responsibilities he promotes CISM principles and sports in his continent, he presides over the Continental Meeting and serves as a spokesman on matters relating to the continent as a whole.

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