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General Assembly & Congress


The General Assembly is the supreme authority of CISM, composed of delegations of member nations. The annual meeting of the General Assembly is dedicated to statutory and budgetary matters, acceptance of reports, voting and elections. The statutory General Assembly meets once a year. The place and date are set two years in advance. The place is determined so as to rotate among the continents. The organization of a General Assembly is used to spread CISM’s influence in the region.

The General Assembly of CISM approves the CISM strategic and annual business plans, the accounts and the budget, the acceptance of new member nations and changes in related policy, the final status of inactive or suspended nations and changes in related policy, all amendments to the Statutes, all amendments to the Policy Manual governing financial and electoral matters, the establishment of new Honors and Awards or changes in related policy. The General Assembly also reviews the results of the strategic and annual business plans and provides guidance as may be required, conducts statutory elections, appoints the auditors, considers other matters placed before it by any CISM body, decides on the dissolution of CISM.

The Congress is the annual meeting of delegations of member nations immediately preceding the General Assembly. The Congress is dedicated to strategic and business planning, discussions and debates, presentations and exchange of information.

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