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CISM Development Centers

The objectives of the CISM Development Centres are:


  • to stimulate and support sports training programs;

  • to develop a structure designed to provide an overall and efficient leadership in sports administration;

  • to train and develop elite sportsmen with an ultimate aim in increasing their participation in sports competitions in CISM;

  • to educate coaches and technical officials in a bid to enhance performance and improve the standards of coaching.

Currently CISM has two Development Centres, one in Africa (Kenya) and one in South America (Brazil).

Confident in the success of these centres, the CISM Asian Member Nations have started a study of feasibility to launch a similar project at their own continent.

> Africa Regional Development Centre - Nairobi, Kenya

> America Regional Development Centre - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Solidarity in CISM



In the last years, the situation has slightly changed. There are more and more solidarity actions organised by our member nations, who organize training camp, send or invite coaches in exchange for knowledge, provide and coordinate transportation and even pay commercial flight tickets. All based either on CISM membership and “Friendship through Sport” or often based on bilateral contracts apart from CISM.

Very close contacts with IOC and FIFA, as well as with other international organisations, will very soon lead to concrete actions in the solidarity field with the aim of pooling together the means and the material efforts to benefit the less advanced countries. With its network, manpower, infrastructures, and its capacity of initiative, CISM wishes nonetheless to give, within and outside CISM, a significant contribution in terms of solidarity.

Therefore, the CISM Board of Directors during a meeting in Cameroon, December 2006, approved a new definition as the following:

“Solidarity in CISM is a means to promote sustainable development to strengthen less privileged CISM member countries, in order to create equal opportunities to all CISM nations for their participation in CISM events.”

As it is reflected on CISM Statutes and Mission Statement, Solidarity is the second pillar of our organization. Consequently, this General Secretariat will increase our activities in that field, making it more visible for CISM country members and for other organizations.