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During the presidency of Major Arne THORBURN (Sweden), from 1953 to 1956, impregnated with the fundamental idea that the practice of physical training and military sport must recline towards medical sports and technical progress, it provokes and upholds all initiatives permitting fruitful contacts between sports doctors, technicians and athletes. It is the reason why the Academy, organism scientific and pedagogic, was born in a near future.

Under the impulsion of Colonel Henri DEBRUS (France), re-elected as President in 1956, the Secretary General Raoul MOLLET made a proposal at 11th General Assembly in Cannes, on 8 September 1957, regarding the creation of CISM Academy. A unanimous vote established the ACISM, that represents a scientific and educational that connects CISM with the most relevant researches, publications with the aim to study different doctrines of physical training and sports training to formulate theories that enable armies to apply as effectively as possible.


In 1958, to celebrate its 10th anniversary, CISM organized its yearly program on a very large scale, highlighted by the founding of ACISM, a medical sports association devoted to the research in the field of sports, and the first issue of CISM Magazine, a quarterly review read currently in some 35 countries at that time, and specially meant for the military and sport circles.

Although, after years developing a good work in the military sports field, ACISM lost space in scientific scenario and in 1998, during 2nd Board of Directors Meeting, in Windhoeck-Namibia, it was decided to finish its formal activities.



Despite this decision, CISM International Symposium kept its existence and presentations as well CISM website opened, in 2008, a “Sports and Science Forum” as an open and democratic space to discuss sports related matters in a scientific standard.

In this scope, the appropriated environment was created within CISM to relaunch ACISM. Fortunately, during CISM International Symposium, on September 21st 2009, in Prague-Czech Republic, during General Gianni GOLA presidency, ACISM was declared reborn, with a ceremony with the attendance of all authorities and lectures of the Symposium.


This ACISM rebirth was presented to the CISM Board of Directors, during its third Meeting, in Ljubljana-Slovenia, between 3 and 5 November 2009, by the Sports Director, Lieutenant Colonel Suzana TKAVC (Slovenia). After, its approval these components of the highest level of CISM structure signed the testimony book for the rebirth of ACISM.



Since that, the main vision of that new Academy was to:

- Establish science as one of the basic and important elements in CISM;

- Improve the development of this field in different areas;

- Reach more effective management and application of knowledge from research to practice;

- Share different experience and reach better connections and cooperation between armed forces;

- Establish cooperation with international institutions and create synergy at international and national level between military and civil structures;



- Support different working CISM groups (commissions, committees and others) with scientific findings.

And the reborn ACISM had as main goals:

- Create a network of experts to manage the knowledge originated form researches within armed forces on sports related matters;

- Share experiences with other institutions and scientific body, as the International Olympic Committee Academy, United States Sports Academy, International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education and others;



- Support CISM authorities in the decision-making process providing scientific information concerning CISM future challenges.

In this way, in the occasion of the 70th anniversary of CISM, in 2018, ACISM had its structure, inside the Sport Department, reestablished, in the scope of the Project Memory, Heritage & Legacy embracing Sports and Science Commission, Symposium, publications/library and other functional areas of CISM.