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Strong performances amid weather hurdles: Day 5 recap of the World Military Parachuting Championship 2024


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SZOLNOK (HUN) - The fifth day of the 46th World Military Parachuting Championship began with clearer skies than anticipated, allowing the completion of Team Accuracy round 4. However, after about one hour, the forecasted strong winds arrived, halting further accuracy jumps. By 11:00 AM, conditions had worsened, preventing any jumps until 4:00 PM due to the wind.


The men's Team Accuracy event saw remarkable performances. The Czech and Korean teams achieved an impressive 1 cm score, with China even securing a perfect round of zero. Currently, the Czech team leads with a total score of 9 cm, while Korea and Italy are tied in second place at 17 cm. China and France follow closely with scores of 18 cm, while Hungary dropped to sixth place (20 cm) after a challenging fourth round.


No female Team Accuracy jumps were completed yesterdat, leaving the top three positions unchanged: China (13 cm), Italy (42 cm), and France (70 cm).


The male individual accuracy contest remains highly competitive, with 18 male jumpers maintaining an average score of 1 cm or less over four rounds.


Day 5 (1)


When the competition resumed at 4:00 PM, participants turned their focus to Style and Formation Skydiving, as high winds—though still under the allowable limit of 11 m/s—continued.


In female Formation Skydiving, Korea leads comfortably with 110 points after four rounds, followed by China (91 points) and Brazil (68 points). These standings are expected to hold unless an unforeseen event occurs.


The male Formation Skydiving competition remains tight, with Belgium in the lead at 137 points, closely pursued by the USA at 134 points, and Qatar at 131 points. The next four rounds are anticipated to be fiercely competitive and may significantly alter the medal standings.


In the Freefall Style event, the top 16 female competitors have completed the semi-final round, maintaining their positions at the forefront. The second round for male competitors could not be concluded before sunset, but the current standings suggest an exciting race for the medals.


Day 5 (4)


With rounds completed across all three events, interim overall classifications are becoming more critical. The individual overall ranking combines placings in both Style and Accuracy. However, the key CISM classification, the team overall score, underscores excellence in all necessary skills across a single team.


China leads the female team overall classification with 4 points, followed by Korea (8 points), Brazil (10 points), Italy (11 points), and France (13 points). The male team leaderboard features the Czech Republic in the lead with 7 points, Korea with 16 points, and Germany at 17 points. With approximately 50% of rounds completed, further changes in the rankings are expected, influencing the final overall scores.


The Meet Director's promise of efficient use of competition time has been upheld, with no delays wasted. The competition will continue today, Sunday, starting at 7:30 AM, with a primary focus on completing the remaining Team Accuracy rounds. The event aims to conclude all ten rounds before the award ceremonies.


Day 5 (3)


How to Follow the 46th CISM World Military Parachuting Championships Online


  • Official Results:

Access all competition results at the ISC Results Centre, where 15 different rankings are available. Final, signed result lists will be uploaded in PDF format.


  • Style and Formation Videos:

Watch event videos: StyleFormation

Each jump video includes judges' assessments and final scores.


Day 5 (5)


  • Real-Time Accuracy Scores:

Follow real-time scoring and wind conditions for the Accuracy event via CISM Airshots. Click on team names to view individual scores as they happen. Adjust smartphone orientation horizontally for optimal viewing.


(Source: CSC Parachuting - Pictures: Carsten Thiel - hmzrinyi.hu)