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Pre-visit – 5th CISM Military World Winter Games 2025




LUCERNE (SUI) - In anticipation of the 5th CISM Military World Winter Games scheduled to take place from March 23rd to 30th, 2025, a delegation comprising key members of the CISM Coordination Commission and CSC Skiing and CSC Parachuting conducted a comprehensive site visit. The delegation included Colonel Joseph Bakari, CISM Games Director; Colonel Clayton Pontes, CISM Strategy & General Affairs Director; Lieutenant Colonel Jan van den Dool, CISM Sports Director; Lieutenant Colonel Stefan Fredriksson, PCSC Skiing; Lieutenant Colonel Ewald Klinger, CSC Member; Ms. Carin Bergensten, CSC Member; and CNE Jérôme Guggisberg, CSC Member. Additionally, Colonel Gernot Rittenschober, PCSC, representing CSC Parachuting, was also present.


During the visit, the delegation inspected crucial Games locations, including competition venues, barracks, as well as venues designated for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, among others. Accompanying them were representatives from WINOC, notably Colonel Christian Hess, the commander of the 5th Military World Winter Games and CISM Switzerland.


Engelberg Pre visit


The purpose of this pre-visit was to give the relevant PCSCs and members of the Coordination Commission the opportunity to inspect the venues with the aim of assessing the quality of the venues, the ongoing preparations, and planning for the 5th Military World Winter Games 2025, and to share knowledge and give important tips and inputs to WINOC in order to make the event a success.


On Tuesday, the inspection began with the barracks in Emmen, followed by an examination of the venue for cross-country skiing. The participants were then moved to Wädenswil, where the climbing hall was examined.


engelberg PV


On Wednesday morning, the first meetings were held with all those present, where the commander of the 5th Military World Winter Games explained all the relevant details about the event, and everyone was given the opportunity to ask critical questions and provide general input. Afterwards, the accreditation center in Lucerne and the locations for the Opening and Closing Ceremony were inspected. On Thursday, the participants went to the Engelberg area to visit the venues for the Alpine competitions and Parachute skiing.


Despite less than ideal weather conditions, the inspection was carried out without any problems. Finally, the barracks in Andermatt were assessed on Friday, and then everyone was moved to the Goms area to inspect the venues for cross-country skiing, biathlon, ski orienteering, and patrol skiing.




At the end of the pre-visit, everyone drew a positive conclusion. They expressed their satisfaction with the preparations, and it became evident that the CISM Delegation of Switzerland has conducted thorough planning and preparation. This week's activities have instilled confidence that the Military World Winter Games 2025 will be a resounding success.


(Source: WINOC)