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WMC Archery

03 March 2024

DHAKA (BAN) - The 3rd CISM World Military Archery Championship, held from 25 to 29 February in...

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International Day of Military Sports

01 March 2024

LEOPOLDSBURG (BEL) - In a remarkable display of athleticism and camaraderie, the International...

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CISM Board of Directors Meeting

21 February 2024

BRUSSELS (BEL) - The second day of the CISM Board of Directors Meeting 2024-1 held at the CISM...

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CISM Board of Directors Meeting

20 February 2024

BRUSSELS (BEL) - The International Military Sports Council convened its first Board of Directors...

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CISM Continental Activities

13 February 2024

GEORGETOWN (GUY) - From February 5th to 9th, 2024, the city of Georgetown, Guyana, played host...

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What is CISM ?


Our goal is to promote sport in armed forces, all over the world. By promoting sports, CISM fosters confidence & cohesion amongst soldiers, creates military fit & motivated soldiers, enhances attractiveness of military service, identifies, trains & motivates talents and provides experience by international competition.


Our goal is also to use sport for deconfliction & peace building between countries. As long as we exist we will promote friendship through sport!




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