Decisions of the CISM Emergency Committee on the COVID19 crisis management



BRUSSELS (BEL) - In Brazil, the Board of Directors decided to postpone the May 2020 General Assembly to be held in Kenya and for other events to decide on their organisation two months before the event.

Since then, the situation has evolved with the postponement of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games by the IOC and the decisions of the International Sport Instances to cancel or postpone numerous international competitions set for 2020. This evolution is a direct line consequence of the rapid spread of COVID-19 on all continents, imposing upon Member States to take strong active confinement measures for often extended or indefinite periods of time.

In the struggle against the spread of the virus, many Member States are calling upon the support of their Armed Forces in the sanitary, logistical or security domains. As a consequence, military personnel will also be less available to take part in or organize international sporting competitions.

CISM, a worldwide military organization, must organize itself to respond to the challenges of COVID-19 and the impact it will have on its 2020 missions as well as the knock-on effects on the 2021 or even 2022 calendar.

As an international sports organization, CISM must guarantee the best sanitary conditions for the athletes, officials, organizers and guests, respect the measures taken by different governments to stop the spreading of the virus and base all decisions on a strong precaution principle.

Considering this exceptional situation, the CISM and its Emergency Committee has decided to postpone all CISM events that were scheduled until the end of August (WMC Aeronautical Pentathlon, WMC Military Pentathlon, WMC Beach Volleyball, WMC Lifesaving, WMC Naval Pentathlon, WMC Basketball (Men and Women), WMC Golf and the World Cadet Games). A new date for these competitions will have to be decided in collaboration with the Member Nations and the Organizing Committees of each event.

CISM will also assess and decide regarding the events that are to be held after the month of August case by case by interrogating the organizing countries and the participating countries.

CISM deeply apologize for any inconvenience that will occur, but our main objective is to protect the health of our athletes, delegations and populations.

In this dramatic period for the whole world, we must show solidarity and brotherhood to win the battle against the virus and to gather all of us around our moto “Friendship through Sport”.


(Source: CISM General Secretariat)