Survey – CISM actions after coronavirus outbreak



BRUSSELS (BEL) - To the attention of the CISM Chiefs of Delegation: the crisis has been affecting all of us, forcing countries to think and analyze issues regarding recovery of society, economy, travel restrictions, how to remain physically active, armed forces employed in missions to combat the pandemic. In the other side, believing that soon the world will have good news, such as a new medication where people will be able to reduce the problems with COVID-19 and institutions will start sports events again. 

The aim of this survey is to understand what the situation in your country is, to help define the policy to be
adopted by CISM in relation to its sporting events this year.

For this reason, CISM kindly ask all the Chiefs of Delegation to click on the official letter of the CISM General Secretariat where you will find the link to the survey and to answer the questions before June 17, considering the current situation in your country, in June.

CISM HQ is just gathering information to better support the CISM authorities and Championships Host Country. We are doing our best to keep the events alive in 2020. Counting on you to support us in our efforts to help you!


(Source: CISM Media and Communication Department)