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LESAFFRE (FRA) Happy to Make Her Own Waves in the Pool



WUHAN (CHN) - Fantine LESAFFRE (FRA) is used to having oceans of space for herself in the pool.

The Frenchwoman enjoyed a clear victory in the 200m individual medley title on October 22, adding this gold medal to the 400m individual medley title she dominated on the opening night at the Wuhan Sports Center Natatorium.

LESAFFRE won the European 400m individual medley title in 2018 despite a scarcity of opposition in her native France, which means it is often just the swimmer, the clock and the water.

“I have to push myself. In France I am the only one at this level in the 400m," LESAFFRE said.



“I am used to this. I have to be fast at every French Championships, so it is a battle with myself. It is what I do in training so I am always alone.

“Sometimes I am with the guys (at training) but it is not the same because they are not in the pool with me when I am racing, so it is just me against me every time, every single day, every training.

“So it is not that hard for me to swim alone like that," she said.


(Source : SUMOC Executive Committee - Editor NIE Yang)