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CISM 2nd World Football Cup – Muscat (OMA)






MUSCAT (OMA) – The last games of the second round of the group stage of the 2nd CISM World Football Cup took place on January 19 in Muscat, the capital of the Sultanate of Oman.

Group C:

After defeating USA 5/1, Qatar was facing the Irish team, which was trying to win its first game of the tournament. Directly from the start, Qatar controlled the pace of the game and managed to create some chances they did not concretize. The spectators had to wait for the minute 40 before seeing a goal via #22 Pereira. The second half saw the domination of the Qatari team who managed to wrap up the game thanks to a header from #5 Ndifon (73’) and a wonderful goal from #4 Ngom (82’). Through this win, Qatar ensured their qualification for the quarterfinals.



In the other game of the group C, Mali realized an impressive performance as they crushed the US team. The game was already decided at the halftime as Mali came back to the lockers with a three goals lead (#12 Diallo (31’) and a brace of #8 Sissoko (39’, 42’). #9 Traoré gave to the score his final look by scoring the fourth goal for Mali (79’). Before its last game of the group C against Qatar, Mali is now in a good position to qualify for the quarterfinals!



Group D:




For its second game in this 2nd CISM World Football Cup, Egypt, considered as one of the main favorite for the gold medal, was playing against Canada, who lost its first game against Syria (0-3). Right from the beginning, we could understand it would be a difficult evening for the Canadian team. After several big chances missed, Egypt #14 Eid scored the opening goal of the game and was soon imitated by his teammate #13 Hassan, who doubled Egypt’s lead. Canada’s players created some minor chances but could not do anything against the offensive power of Egypt, who secured its victory by scoring two additional goals (#22 Youssef (64’) and #10 Zakaria (83’)). An impressive victory for a team who will certainly reach the semifinals! Nevertheless, before Egypt will first have to confirm its qualification against Syria!



Following Egypt vs Canada, Poland wanted to confirm its good result against Egypt in their first game of the tournament. For this, they were confronted to Syria who easily defeated Canada (3-0) in their opening game. The game was intense and after 13 minutes, #7 Hamdkou scored a stunning goal giving the lead to his team! Despite several chances from both sides, the score did not change and the referee blow the end of the game on a 1-0 lead for Syria. Thanks to this victory, Syria is now qualified for the quarterfinals!



TODAY’S SCHEDULE (20-01-2017):


  • DPR Korea vs Algeria – 17.00 (local time) – Group B – Sultan Qaboos Sports Stadium

  • Germany vs the Islamic Republic of Iran – 17.00 (local time) – Group B – Seeb Sports Stadium

  • France vs Oman –20.00 (local time) – Group A – Sultan Qaboos Sports Stadium

  • Guinea vs Bahrein – 20.00 (local time) – Group A – Seeb Sports Stadium


For more information, please visit the official website of the second CISM World Football Cup Organizing Committee: www.cismoman2017.om or their official Facebook page: CISM Oman 2017.

For the livestreaming of the games, click here: Oman TV or here: Oman Sports TV.


(Source: CISM Media & Communication Department)

(Pictures:  Eddy Kellens, CISM Photographer - Jonathan Verhoeft, CISM Photographer)