HeroRace 2017

RUSSIA - The HeroRace is the only obstacle course race in the world, which combines military-style exercises with cross-country running. The races take place both in civilian areas (parks, skiing resorts and so on) and on real military ranges, while the obstacle courses are designed to the standards of those used in Special Forces training.

The HeroRace includes the following obstacles: climbing frames; almost vertical walls, which must be climbed with a rope; 5-meter-high jumps into the water, hills, carrying heavy loads and many others.



In 2016, the HeroRacewas held in 15 Russian regions – from Kaliningrad to Petropavlovsk - Kamchatsk - and drew around 250,000 participants and spectators. Each of these cities held a qualifying race, the first 3 winning teams of which went on to compete in the championship in Moscow. Over 50 teams from around the country came to the capital to take part. The event is set to enter the world stage in 2017, where it will be held on the North Loop of Germany’s Nürburgring.


(Source: Russian Delegation to CISM)