19th WMC Volleyball Women & 36th WMC Volleyball Men – Edmonton (CAN) – Day 2 & 3



EDMONTON (CAN) – The first day of competition of the 19th WMC Volleyball Women & 36th WMC Volleyball Men took place on October 28 in Edmonton (CAN) where 280 participants (95 male athletes, 84 female athletes and 100 team staff members and observers) from 9 countries gathered for this event.

In the men’s Pool A, the two Asian countries, China and Korea already demonstrated they were part of the favourites of the tournament: China defeated the Netherlands in three straight sets (25/12, 25/16, 25/13) in a true demonstration of offensive skills while the host country couldn’t win their initial game in front of their fans as they were beaten 3/0 by the Korean team (25/19, 25/19, 25/21) after a very tense and high-level game.



In the Pool B, Germany easily defeated the US team 3/0 (25/17, 25/15, 25/18) while Brazil, one of the other favourite for the title, also started his tournament the best way possible with a 3/0 win against France (25/14, 25/17, 25/19).

In the women’s Pool A, Brazil and China directly took the commands of the tournament with two 3-0 victories respectively against the sole African team of the tournament, Kenya (25/6, 25/9, 25/8) and against France (25/8, 25/13, 28/26).



Unfortunately for the local fans, the female Canadian team also started the competition the worst way as they lost their initial game against a strong German team 1-3 (20/25, 25/22, 22/25, 17/25).

For the second day of the male competition, the summit featured China and Korea. The Chinese athletes managed to win this Asian derby at the end of a suspenseful game that ended on a tie-break (24/26, 25/21, 25/20, 18/25, 15/12) and thus took the lead of the group. In the other game of the pool A, the Canadian host country finally won its first game of the tournament in three sets against the Netherland (25/18, 25/21, 25/23).


Ranking Pool A:

1.      China - 5 points

2.      Korea - 4 points

3.      Canada - 3 points

4.      The Netherlands - 0 points



In the pool B, Germany and Brazil confirmed their initial result. The Auriverde team defeated the American team in three straight sets (25/10 25/14, 25/9) while France lost for the second time in a row against the German team (20/25, 20/25, 21/25). With these results, Brazil and Germany are already automatically qualified for the semi-finals.


Ranking Pool B:

1.      Brazil - 6 points

2.      Germany - 6 points

3.      France - 0 points

4.      USA - 0 points



In the women’s competition, Brazil took the lead of the Pool A thanks to its victory against Germany 3-0 (25/15, 25/8, 25/13) while Canada defeated Kenya in three straight sets (25/23, 25/11, 25/14).


Ranking Pool A:

1.      Brazil - 6 points

2.      Canada - 3 points

3.      Germany - 3 points

4.      Kenya - 0 points



The last game of the day featured France and USA who both had the opportunity to win their first game of the tournament. After a tense 5-sets game, the French team finally won the tie-break against brave US players (25/27, 28/26, 25/22, 21/25, 15/9)


Ranking Pool B:

1.      China - 3 points

2.      France - 2 points

3.      USA - 0 points



Daily Bulletin N°2 & Daily Bulletin N°3


All the games are available in livestreaming on the Canadian Armed Forces Sports Facebook Page

More information on the Organizing Committee website: http://bit.ly/2IUJ8WK

All the pictures of the event are available on the CISM Flickr account


(Source: CISM Media and Communication Department)

(Pictures: Mr. Maxime Morlet, CISM Media and Communication Assistant)