Open World Military Archery Competition – Fontainebleau (FRA) – Update – Final Day





FONTAINEBLEAU (FRA) –For the last day of competition of the first Open World Military Archery Competition held on July, all the spectators were invited to attend the finals in Fontainebleau.

In the first final of the day, Russia grabbed the first gold medal of the day as Loginova, Balzhanova and Tontoeva defeated a mixed team composed of Tremeau-Caudal (FRA), Anastasio (ITA) and Spano (ITA) in the gold medal game of the compound women team event.

Russia managed to win a second gold medal as the male team (Dambaev, Bulaev and Kalashnikov) won the title in the compound team men event against Greece (Aerikos, Lekatis and Spatala). France and a mixed team are completing the podium.



In the team compound para-event, Romania won its first title of the day as Pegulescu, Petrut and Butoi won against a Franco-American team (Cieplak, Gibot and McIntosh) in the final game.

Anastasia Anastasio (ITA) defeated the local archer Tremeau-Caudal (FRA) and took the first place of the individual women compound event. The Russians Loginova and Balzhanova are completing the podium. In the men’s compound para event, the Romanian Pegulescu an Petrut are respectively finishing on the first and second place of the podium while the French Gibot and Cieplak grabbed the bronze medal. Dejan Sitar, from Slovenia, triumphed in the compound men’s competition against Dambaev, silver medalist. Aerikos (GRE) and Bulaev (RUS) are ranked third.



Russia won another title with the gold medal in the recurve team female event. The Russian team (Osipova, Tsyremilova and Dashidozhieva) defeated Belarus in the gold medal game. France and a mixed team are sharing the third place.

Ho Kim Jong, Gun Tae Choi and Byeong Yeon Min offered the first gold medal to Korea with the title in Recurve team men after defeating Russia. France and Belarus are both ranked third.

In the Recurve team men para event, the mixed team composed of Lukow (USA), Patrut (ROU) and Roumeliostis (GRE) achieved a great performance with the gold medal after an intense final against Italy. Congratulation to France and Denmark for the bronze medal!



Russia place 3 athletes in the Top 3 of the recurve women event, with the gold medalist Dashidorzhieva and the bronze medalists Osipova and Tsyremilova while Dziominskaya took the silver medal. In the men’s recurve para event, Patrut (ROU) defeated the French archer Perriraz in the gold medal game while Lukow (USA) and Tomasulo (ITA) finished on the third place.

The Korean archers made an impressive performance in the recurve men event as Byeong Yeon Min defeated his teammate Gun Tae Choi in the final game while Jong Ho Kim and Vitalii Popov (RUS) are both ranked third.

Finally, the mixed team Para/Valid competition saw the victory of France (Cieplak and Thierry) against the Romanian team (Pegulescu and Parvu).





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(Source: CISM Communication and Media Department)

(Pictures : Centre National des Sports de la Défense - Ministère des Armées)