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CISM President Colonel Nilton Rolim Strengthens Collaboration with Greek Officials and International Olympic Academy


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ATHENS (GRE) – Colonel Nilton Rolim, President of CISM, embarked on a series of productive meetings and events aimed at strengthening partnerships and promoting shared values between CISM, Greek officials, and the International Olympic Academy (IOA).


On April 25, Colonel Rolim commenced his visit with a meeting alongside Lieutenant General Konstantinos Zolotas, Chief of Staff of the Hellenic National Defense General Staff. Discussions covered pivotal topics, including Military World Championships, Military World Games, Combat Sports, and innovative educational initiatives. This marked a pivotal moment in acknowledging the significant contributions of the Greek Delegation to CISM, reinforcing collaborative efforts.


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Subsequently, Colonel Nilton Rolim held discussions with Mr. Isidoros Kouvelos, President of the International Olympic Academy, focusing on establishing projects that foster mutual collaboration, rooted in the principles of both the Olympics and military ethos.


Continuing his impactful itinerary, on April 26, Colonel Rolim participated in the Olympic torch relay, symbolizing unity and camaraderie. Following this, he attended the prestigious ceremony, overseeing the handover of the Olympic Flame to the Organizing Committee of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. During this event, the CISM President engaged in discussions with Mr. Konstantinos Filis, the Director of the International Olympic Truce Centre, fostering opportunities for future collaboration and virtual meetings. This event, held in the historic city of Athens, Greece, underscored the profound commitment of CISM to global sportsmanship and Olympic ideals.


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Notably, Colonel Nilton Rolim received an invitation from the French Embassy to attend a reception honoring the Olympic flame, which will commence its journey to Marseille aboard the three-masted barque "Belém" from France. This invitation further highlights the recognition and esteem accorded to CISM on the international stage.


These meetings exemplify CISM's dedication to fostering partnerships, promoting athletic excellence, and upholding the values of international cooperation and solidarity.


(Source: Greek Delegation to CISM & CISM Media & Communication Department)