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Unite for clean sport: celebrating Play True Day 2024 with CISM and WADA


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BRUSSELS (BEL) - In honor of Play True Day 2024 organized by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), CISM, as a committed supporter of the WADA Code, calls upon its community to unite in commemorating Play True Day 2024. This digital initiative aims to champion fair play in sports and foster awareness about the prevention of doping.


We extend our invitation to our delegations, military athletes, and enthusiasts of the military sports community to unite as the #OnePlayTrueTeam in the grandest celebration of fair and clean sportsmanship.


As part of this event, WADA has curated a comprehensive toolkit to assist participants in navigating the various facets of this year’s Play True Day campaign. You can access the Play True Day Toolkit here.


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Participants are encouraged to:


  • Showcase creativity by crafting personalized #OnePlayTrueTeam visuals reflecting their country, language, and/or sport.
  • Utilize hashtags #OnePlayTrueTeam, #PlayTrue, and #PlayTrueDay leading up to and on the day itself to amplify the campaign's reach and impact on social media.
  • Engage with the campaign in real-time through our dedicated Play True Day social media wall on WADA’s website, contributing to the creation of the world’s largest team photo advocating for clean sports.


Let’s fight together for a clean sport!


(Source: CISM Media & Communication Department)