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Brazil Dominates at the 3rd CISM World Military Archery Championship in Dhaka, Bangladesh


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DHAKA (BAN) - The 3rd CISM World Military Archery Championship, held from 25 to 29 February in Dhaka, Bangladesh, concluded with a spectacular showcase of precision and skill, marking a triumphant moment for the Brazilian team. Over five days, the championship witnessed the participation of 66 elite athletes from 12 countries, competing in various categories including individual, team, and para archery events.


Brazil emerged as the standout nation, clinching multiple gold medals across several categories. Marcus Vinicius Carvalho Lopes D'Almeida secured the gold in the Recurve Men Individual category, while Ana Luiza Sliachticas Caetano triumphed in the Recurve Women Individual category, further highlighting Brazil's dominance in individual events.


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The Recurve Para Men Open Individual saw Denilson Souza Rodrigues from Brazil taking home the gold, with Tercia Ferreira Figueiredo adding another gold to Brazil's tally in the Recurve Para Women Open Individual category. The Brazilian archers continued their exceptional performance in team events, with notable victories in the Recurve Mixed Team and Recurve Para Mixed Team categories.


The championship also witnessed commendable performances from other participating nations. Korea's team, consisting of Won Jonghyuk, Kim Piljoong, and Kim Yeachan, claimed the gold in the Recurve Men Team category, showcasing their cohesive teamwork and individual skills. Belarus emerged victorious in the Recurve Women Team category, with Karyna Dziominskaya, Aliaksandra Stralets, and Natallia Tratsiak leading the team to gold.


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The host nation, Bangladesh, also made its mark by securing bronze medals in both the Recurve Men Team and Recurve Women Team categories, a testament to the growing talent and dedication within the country's archery community.


The 3rd CISM World Military Archery Championship not only provided a platform for military athletes to display their archery prowess but also fostered a spirit of camaraderie and mutual respect among the participating countries. As the championship drew to a close, the participants and spectators alike celebrated the remarkable achievements and the unifying power of sports.


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The successful organization of the event in Dhaka has further solidified Bangladesh's reputation as a capable host for international sporting events, paving the way for more such gatherings in the future.



(Source: CISM Media & Communication Department)