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Climbing for Peace, Damavand: A Symbol of Peace, Friendship, and Resilience


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TEHRAN (IRI) – The majestic peak of Damavand in Iran has transcended its role as a mere mountain and emerged as a powerful emblem of steadfastness and unity. According to Iranian beliefs, Damavand embodies the spirit of resistance and determination, making every individual who dares to scale its heights deserving of profound respect.


Over the past two years, Damavand's significance has extended beyond the realm of sports and climbing. It has evolved into a catalyst for fostering global peace and camaraderie. This transformation has been catalyzed by CISM, the sole international institution to hoist its banner atop Iran's landscapes. The word "CISM" now resonates in the minds of Iranians as a symbol of friendship and empathy.


Climbers embarked on a remarkable journey, commencing their ascent after a night of rest at the first camp. With unwavering enthusiasm, they traversed to the second and third camps, each step fueled by an indescribable ardor. Despite enduring extreme temperatures – sweltering 40 degrees Celsius in Tehran to a freezing sub-15 degrees Celsius on Damavand – the climbers remained resolute. This determination culminated in a triumphant peak conquest after a challenging seven-hour climb.


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The climbers overcame significant obstacles, including oxygen deprivation, volcanic sulfur emissions, and acclimatization difficulties. Nevertheless, their collective resolve led to the unprecedented achievement of planting their nation's flag alongside the CISM banner at the summit. The exhilaration of conquering the peak was palpable, fostering a spirit of camaraderie and unity among the climbers, resulting in the bestowal of finisher's medals by the Iranian armed forces.


Descending from the summit, climbers captured cherished memories of camaraderie and mutual support. At Camp Three, they were warmly received and congratulated by Brigadier General Fooladi, the Iranian Chief of Delegation.


CISM's commendable initiative in promoting global peace and friendship through sports earned well-deserved accolades. The closing ceremony, held in an opulent military venue, was graced by the presence of Major General Mohammad Hassan Bagheri, the Training and Educational Deputy of the Iran Armed Forces General Staff. The event featured a traditional artistic performance, informative reports, and the conferral of climbing certificates, finisher medals, and commemorative statues to the participants.




The ceremony also paid tribute to the resilience of a cancer survivor who not only triumphed over adversity but also scaled Damavand. Colonel Reza Bagheri, the Iranian Secretary to CISM, was lauded for his unflagging dedication to fostering peace and friendship through sports. His unwavering efforts were acknowledged as he assumed a new role within CISM HQ.


In his speech, Major General Mohammad Hassan Bagheri commended the climbers for embodying the values of peace and unity through their ascent of Damavand. He emphasized the potential of sports as a universal language to unite nations and create a secure environment for humanity.


The event concluded with heartfelt appreciation from Colonel Artem Gromov, expressing CISM's gratitude to the Iranian delegation and the event's organizers. He underscored the shared values of peace and camaraderie that had been demonstrated throughout the event.




Colonel Mossayebzadeh, as the Head of Sports and Training Office of the Ground Force of the Islamic Republic of Iran, lauded the participants' physical and mental strength, emphasizing that the climb exemplified the endurance required for lasting peace.


The closing ceremony celebrated more than just a climb; it celebrated the profound potential of unity, resilience, and global friendship in creating a harmonious world.


(Source: Iranian Delegation to CISM)