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2nd WMC Basketball 3x3 - Vilnius (LTU) - Update Day 3


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VILNIUS (LTU) - The 2nd WMC Basketball 3x3 tournament in Vilnius, Lithuania, began with a spectacular Opening Ceremony and Technical Meeting, bringing together top basketball talents from around the world. The event, held from July 24th to July 29th, featured intense competition and surprises that enthralled fans.


In Men's Pool A, Lithuania and Netherlands emerged as dominant forces with perfect records, each winning all three of their games. Canada, Republic of Korea, and Slovenia also displayed commendable performances.




In Men's Pool B, Brazil stood out with three consecutive victories, while Saudia Arabia and Estonia displayed strong potential. Latvia and France exhibited flashes of brilliance, while Germany and Cyprus sought their first wins.





In Women's Pool A, Lithuania showcased their dominance with two wins in two games. France and Canada displayed promise, while North Macedonia aimed for improvement.


In Women's Pool B, both Brazil and Germany secured two wins each, establishing themselves as frontrunners. Belgium, Latvia, and Netherlands were eager to make their mark.




Captivating matches throughout the tournament showcased the unpredictable nature of the sport, with intense showdowns like Saudi Arabia vs. Estonia and Lithuania vs. France.


As the tournament progressed, quarter-finals and semi-finals unfolded. Latvia, Lithuania, Brazil, and Estonia secured spots in the men's semi-finals, while Lithuania, France, Brazil, and Belgium advanced in the women's category.




Brazil continued their dominant run, securing a place in the men's final, and Lithuania showcased their skill by making it to the men's final. Brazil emerged as the women's champions after defeating Lithuania, while France secured third place.


The tournament concluded with thrilling matches, emotional moments, and Lithuania emerging as champions of the men’s tournament against Brazil. In the battle for the third-place position, Estonia displayed their resilience, overcoming Latvia




The event showcased exceptional basketball performances, with players exhibiting passion and determination, and the global popularity of 3x3 basketball.


As the tournament concluded, Vilnius bid farewell to a remarkable event filled with skill, excitement, and sportsmanship, leaving fans and players eager for the next edition.


All the information and results related to this tournament are also available on the FIBA 3x3 website !


Pictures of the event are available on 3x3cempionatas Facebook Page !


2nd WMC Basketball 3x3 – Vilnius (LTU) - Update Day 1

VILNIUS (LTU) - Vilnius, the picturesque capital city of Lithuania, is currently playing host to the 2nd WMC Basketball 3x3 tournament. 


2nd WMC Basketball 3x3 – Vilnius (LTU) - Update Day 2

VILNIUS (LTU) - The 2nd day of the 2nd WMC Basketball 3x3 in Vilnius brought with it another round of intense and captivating matches, showcasing the talents and skills of some of the finest basketball players from around the world


2nd WMC Basketball 3x3 – Vilnius (LTU) - Update Day 3

VILNIUS (LTU) - Vilnius, the vibrant host city of the 2nd WMC Basketball 3x3 tournament, witnessed an exhilarating final day of intense competition and heart-pounding basketball action.



(Source: CISM Media & Communication Department - Pictures: 3x3 čempionatas)