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2nd WMC Basketball 3x3 - Vilnius (LTU) - Update Day 3


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Thrilling Conclusions on the Final Day of the 2nd WMC Basketball 3x3 in Vilnius

VILNIUS (LTU) - Vilnius, the vibrant host city of the 2nd WMC Basketball 3x3 tournament, witnessed an exhilarating final day of intense competition and heart-pounding basketball action. With teams giving their all on the court, the final day lived up to the expectations of fans and players alike, culminating in the crowning of champions and memorable moments that will be etched in the history of 3x3 basketball.


The quest for the 13th place featured a thrilling encounter between Croatia and Cyprus. In the end, Cyprus emerged victorious, securing a decisive win with a score of 21-12. Both teams displayed skill and determination, and Cyprus' resilience allowed them to end the tournament on a positive note.


In the contest for the 11th place, a showdown unfolded between the German teams. Ultimately, it was the first German squad that triumphed, prevailing over Germany 2 with a score of 21-15, securing their position at the 11th spot in the final standings.




Saudi Arabia also displayed a strong performance, defeating Slovenia with a score of 21-15, concluding their tournament with a well-deserved victory and the 9th place of the tournament.


The men's quarter-finals were marked by high-stakes matchups that set the stage for thrilling semi-finals.


Latvia started the day with an impressive win, overcoming Canada with a score of 21-16, securing their spot in the semi-finals.


In a nail-biting quarter-final, the host nation, Lithuania, thrilled the home crowd by edging out France with a score of 21-19, showcasing their mettle and advancing to the next round.




Brazil proved their dominance in another quarter-final, defeating the Netherlands with a commanding score of 21-9, displaying their championship credentials.


Estonia secured the final spot in the semi-finals by narrowly defeating Republic of Korea with a score of 21-19 in a thrilling contest.


In the men's 5th place match, France secured a hard-fought victory against the Netherlands with a score of 22-11, claiming the 5th place in the final standings.


Republic of Korea unfortunately withdrew from the tournament, awarding Canada the 7th place in the men's category.




In the gripping men's semi-finals, Brazil continued their dominant run, defeating Estonia with a resounding 22-11 score, solidifying their spot in the men's final and establishing themselves as clear favorites in the tournament.


Meanwhile, the host nation Lithuania showcased their tenacity and skill in an intense semi-final clash against Latvia, triumphing with a hard-fought score of 22-12. The victory sent the crowd into a frenzy and secured Lithuania's place in the men's final.


In the battle for the third-place position, Estonia displayed their resilience, overcoming Latvia with a score of 21-17, claiming a respectable finish in the final standings.




The ultimate showdown of the 2nd WMC Basketball 3x3 featured a thrilling men's championship clash between host nation Lithuania and Brazil. In a closely contested match, Lithuania demonstrated their prowess, making history with a 19-15 victory against Brazil. The win sparked joyous celebrations throughout the venue and immortalized Lithuania in the annals of basketball glory.


On the women's side, in the fight for 7th place, Latvia proved their superiority by defeating North Macedonia 20-12, ending their tournament on a high note. In another closely contested match for 5th place, Germany secured a narrow 11-7 victory against Canada, securing a respectable finish in the final standings.




The women's semi-finals were highly-anticipated, and Brazil lived up to the expectations by showcasing their dominance in a convincing 21-8 victory against France, earning a spot in the final.


The host nation Lithuania also displayed their class and skill, defeating Belgium with the same score of 21-8, igniting the hopes of their home crowd for a championship win.


The battle for the women's 3rd place saw France emerge victorious, defeating Belgium 14-12, and securing a well-deserved podium finish, displaying their competitive spirit.




In the eagerly awaited women's final, Lithuania and Brazil clashed in an exciting contest. However, Brazil demonstrated their dominance, securing a 22-13 victory against the host nation, claiming the women's championship title and leaving an unforgettable impression on the entire tournament.


A Memorable Conclusion


As the final day of the 2nd WMC Basketball 3x3 concluded, Vilnius bid farewell to an unforgettable tournament filled with excitement, skill, and sportsmanship. The event was a true celebration of the sport, with teams exhibiting their passion and determination throughout.


The 2nd WMC Basketball 3x3 in Vilnius will be etched in memory for its thrilling matches and unforgettable moments. The players' incredible performances added to the allure of the event. As the basketball world reflects on this exhilarating tournament, fans and players alike eagerly anticipate the next edition, eager to experience more electrifying moments on the court.




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