CISM & AIBA Sign The Historical Agreement




FONTAINEBLEAU (FRA) - International Boxing Association (AIBA) and International Military Sports Council (CISM) have huge plans regarding the cooperation on promoting of boxing through international military sports, assisting to developing countries that have a lack of sporting facilities and above all strengthening the values of integrity, humanism and healthy life among future generations.


The most important task of boxing among military sports is to settle conflicts by honest and noble sports competitions that leave no place to military encounters.


‘It's not a secret for everyone that the military in every country is the protector of the population. By involving our youth into the sport, we promote peaceful and healthy values that prevent human aggression. Doing so, we contribute to the defense of our nations,’ CISM President Colonel Hervé Piccirillo said.


‘This is a historical moment for us and the whole military world. Boxing helps to raise up each of us in military, this is a part of the training of every soldier. Boxing is a lifestyle, it has values, overcoming, it is very popular among the young generation worldwide. CISM has always given the attention to its development, and this year we will have our 58th Military World Championships in Moscow,, Russia’ he added.


‘From my side I fully share the high values expressed by President Piccirillo.’ Mr. Kremlev, AIBA President claimed. ‘The CISM is big and important organization, military protect people worldwide. I totally agree that any conflicts should be resolved within competitions, on the ring, not the other way. I am happy to see how boxing is developing among the military, which always were for peace and kind actions.  We plan to organize tournaments in the memory of military, help refugees with food and sports equipment.’


The Convention of Collaboration was signed on Thursday in CNSD in Fontainebleau. In the framework of the Convention, AIBA plans to conduct joint training camps, open the museum and build a military boxing academy.


This convention shall permit the development of a true collaboration between the two parties, CISM and AIBA across their complete interests.


(Source: International Boxing Association - AIBA)