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Intense Competition at Day 5 and 6 as the CISM Parachuting Tournament and 55th Spanish Military Championship comes to an end




SAN JAVIER (ESP) - The excitement reached its peak on the fifth day of the CISM Parachuting Tournament and 55th Spanish Military Championship, held at the prestigious San Javier airbase. Despite the calm winds in the morning, clouds and an evening thunderstorm disrupted the Style and Formation jumps. Nevertheless, the competition remained fierce, and the first medals in individual accuracy were decided.


Female Individual Accuracy:


The female individual accuracy event concluded with the eighth round, and the deserving winner was OR9 Gomez Hurtado Mª Del Carmen from Spain, with a remarkable total score of 9 cm. Her precise landings secured her the top spot. In the male category, OR8 Chládek Petr from the Czech Republic clinched victory with a score of 10cm


Official Score:





Male Individual Accuracy Tiebreaker:

After the completion of 8 rounds, two competitors were tied for the top position in the male individual classification, while three others were tied for third place. The final ranking was determined during the team semi-final round, resulting in clear medal placements for all participants.

Official score:






Team Accuracy Event:

The Team Accuracy event will see its final round, Round #10, before the medals are awarded. The top male team from the Czech Republic holds a secure lead with a total score of 39cm, but the battle for silver is intense, with Spain (78cm) and Germany (80cm) competing closely. Austria faced difficulties in Round #8 due to increasing wind speeds, impacting their landing accuracy.

In the female Team Accuracy category, Morocco secured the top spot with a score of 104cm, followed by Korea (160cm) and Spain (184cm).

Individual Overall Standings:

In the individual overall standings, which include both Accuracy and Style, the competition became even more thrilling after the changes in the 8th round of Accuracy.

Male Individual Overall Standings:


3Yellow indicates changes after the tie-break in individual accuracy


Female Individual Overall Standings:




If time permits, a tie-breaker jump will be held on the final day to determine the third-place winner in the individual overall category.


WhatsApp Image 2023 07 21 at 12.22.37Formation judges, with EJ Formation Mrs. Jurate Janusauskien (LTU)

Team Overall Standings:

In the most important classification, the team overall standings (after 9 Accuracy, 4 Formation, and 3 Style rounds), the top male teams from the Czech Republic and Spain are tied with 7 points each. Germany follows closely in third place with 12 points. The next three teams from Türkyie, Morocco, and Austria are all tied with 15 points.

The female teams maintain their positions with Korea leading at 4 points, Morocco at 6 points, and Spain at 8 points.

As the competition entered its final stages, participants and spectators alike were eagerly awaiting the last day of the CISM Parachuting Tournament and 55th Spanish Military Championship. The competition has been a testament to the skill, precision, and determination of these talented parachutists.

The competition reached its culmination today, featuring the last round of Formation for men and the ultimate round of team accuracy as the following outcomes were revealed:

Formation Male Event:

Qatar's impressive performance in the final round allowed them to maintain their lead and secure a remarkable victory in the competition, surpassing Spain by ten points. Turkey closely followed in third place on the podium.


WhatsApp Image 2023 07 21 at 11.45.43Style Judges with EJ Style WO Oliver Vent (GER)

Team Accuracy Male Event:

The Czech Republic displayed their dominance throughout the first 7 rounds and continued their supremacy, claiming first place with a total of 46 points. Spain, as the host country, secured second place with 83 points, while Germany took home the bronze with 90 points.

Team Accuracy Female Event:

In the women's event, the Moroccans showcased their excellence and rightfully claimed the top spot, leading by a significant margin of 44 points over Korea, who secured the second position. Spain took home the third-place honor.

Overall Team Rankings:


Despite the latest results from Day 6, the overall team rankings for both men and women remained unchanged. The Czech Republic emerged as the victors in the men's competition, while Korea secured their position at the top for the women's event.


WhatsApp Image 2023 07 21 at 11.49.04From l. to r: Mayor José Miguel Luengo Gallego, Lieutenant-General Enrique Biosca Vázquez, Colonel Pedro Diaz Herrero, Colonel Carlos García Verdugo and Colonel Pascual Soria Martínez

Last night, delegates representing the participating nations had the pleasure of attending a delightful Reception and Gifts' Exchange. The event took place in the esteemed presence of San Javier's Mayor, José Miguel Luengo Gallego, Lieutenant-General Enrique Biosca Vázquez, Chief of the Human Resources Command in the Air and Space Force, Colonel Pedro Diaz Herrero, Colonel Carlos García Verdugo, a distinguished member of the CISM Board of Directors, and the esteemed Director of the Academy, Colonel Pascual Soria Martínez



(Source: CSC Parachuting)