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2nd WMC Climbing – Koper (SLO) – Competition Day 3 & Closing Ceremony


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The Closing Ceremony of the WMC Climbing took place in Vipava, Slovenia, marking the successful conclusion of the event !

KOPER (SLO) - Hosted by the Slovenian Armed Forces (SAF), the Closing Ceremony of the 2nd WMC Climbing was held at the Janko Premrl Vojko Barracks on Friday, June 23.

The event saw the presence of several esteemed individuals in positions of authority, such as Major Jan-Henrik Back, Member of the Board of Directors and Official CISM Representative of the event. Major General Robert Glavaš, the Chief of the General Staff of the Slovenian Armed Forces, Lieutenant-Colonel Jure Velepec, Chief of the Slovenian Delegation to CISM, Lieutenant-Colonel Ivan Ermenc, Acting PCSC Climbing along with the Chiefs of Mission from the participating nations and various international and national authorities were also in attendance.


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Major General Robert Glavaš, the Chief of the General Staff of the Slovenian Armed Forces, delivered a keynote speech at the closing ceremony.

Major General Glavaš emphasized that the World Championships represented more than just a competition for individual victories. It provided an opportunity to share experiences, foster mutual trust, and establish enduring international connections. The Chief of the General Staff highlighted the realization that we are all part of a unified system where cooperation is crucial for achieving shared objectives.


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Finally, the Chief of the General Staff of the Slovenian Armed Forces commended the competitors for their outstanding performances and drew parallels between their pursuit of victory and soldiers' dedication to world peace, expressing his satisfaction.


Major Jan-Henrik Back took the floor to thank the organizers: "I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the soldiers gathered here today and offer my congratulations to each and every one of you for your unwavering commitment to sportsmanship, peace, and the remarkable discipline that has brought you to this momentous occasion. Rest assured, both the global community and CISM are immensely proud of your achievements. I would also like to express my sincere appreciation to the Organizing Committee for their exceptional work. Having Slovenia as a member of our esteemed organization fills us with great pride."


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On the final day of the competition, June 23, the lead and boulder finals took place in both the male and female categories. In the lead climbing category, two Slovenian female climbers, Mia Krampl and Vita Lukan, secured the titles of world champion and vice-champion, respectively. Julia Chanourdie from France won the bronze medal. Sascha Lehmann from Switzerland emerged as the world champion in lead climbing, followed by Luka Potočar from Slovenia as the vice-champion, and Marcello Bombardi from Italy in third place.


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Janja Garnbret claimed the title of world champion in the female bouldering category, accompanied on the podium by Giorgia Tesio from Italy with the silver medal and Flavy Cohaut from France with the bronze. Among the male climbers, Mickael Mawemi from France became the world champion in bouldering, while Sascha Lehmann from Switzerland won silver, and Luka Potočar from Slovenia secured the bronze medal.


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This event, organized by the Slovenian Armed Forces, saw the participation of over 100 athletes from 12 countries. The championship, held in Koper from June 19 to 24, featured competitions in all three sport climbing disciplines: lead, speed, and boulder.


(Source: Slovenian Delegation to CISM)