CISM President Season’s Greetings


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BRUSSELS (BEL) - The CISM President Brigadier-General Hervé Piccirillo has a message for the CISM Family and supporters:



Dear CISM’s Family,
Dear Friends,

2021 was a year of hope with the resumption of CISM activities with a physical presence.

Faced with the pandemic, our common home has been able to innovate and respond to the challenge of adapting to a difficult global health situation.

It is my personal conviction that the CISM’s missions can only succeed with the strength of a collective driving, a common vision in the service of general interest. To that, I would add a principle, singular to the military community, the sharing of common values, the rallying point of excellence and commitment in the service of an Ideal.


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Since 2018, this collective strength has allowed CISM to elaborate a common strategic vision, but also to face the COVID-19 pandemic with courage, responsibility, and determination. It was essential to restart of sporting and statutory activities from 2021 onwards.

During this year, CISM demonstrated its unity, the soundness of its foundations and its resilience. Nothing would have been possible without this community of spirit and responsibility which honors each of you.

From the resumption of the CISM’s life, I had the opportunity to participate in many CISM events in order to support the organizers, to meet the high military and civilian authorities, and to hear the needs of the Chiefs of Delegation. I am convinced the future remains ours to build with confidence and optimism relying upon our military identity and the shared sense of the common good.


Delegation Qatar   Brigadier General Rashid Mahboub Al DosariMeeting with Brigadier-General Rashid Mahboub Al-Dosari (Member of the Qatar Delegation)

In the upcoming years, CISM needs continuity in its strategy, stability in its governance, specifically in the management of the sanitary crisis, which remains a serious challenge for each of us.

Above all, I believe we have been able to create a climate of trust and mutual respect between the Vice-Presidents, Board of Directors Members, Presidents of Sports Commission, Commission’s Members and the entire CISM family, which has allowed us to carry out our common strategy successfully.


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To conclude, I would like to express my deeply gratitude to your devotion for the Peace and the military values of CISM.


I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

“Friendship through Sport”.

Brigadier-General Hervé Piccirillo, CISM President



(Source: CISM Media & Communication Department)