PCSC Vacancies - New vacancies 2023/2027 and 2024/2028



BRUSSELS (BEL) – The positions of twelve Presidents of CISM Sports Committees will be vacant, as below:


  • For the term 2023-2027, starting from the CISM General Assembly & Congress in 2023: Orienteering and Wrestling.


  • For the term 2024-2028, starting from the CISM General Assembly & Congress in 2024: Basketball, Boxing, Equestrian, Football, Golf, Judo, Aeronautical Pentathlon, Parachuting, Shooting, and Volleyball.

Chiefs of Delegation, please send the complete CV and the Sport Development Project of your candidates to the CISM HQ before March 15th 2023 to CISM HQ cism@milsport.one, with copy to ney.anderson@milsport.one.

Please note that all candidates must fulfil the requirements described in the Article 4.10 of CISM Regulations.


For more information about the PCSC Vacancies Process, click here.


(Source: CISM Sports Department)