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22nd WMC Equestrian – Rio de Janeiro (BRA) – Opening Ceremony




RIO DE JANEIRO (BRA) – CISM is back in Brazil! As it was the case almost every year before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Brazil is organising this year a World Military Championship on its soil.


This year, 8 nations gathered in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for the 22nd edition of the World Military Equestrian Championship. 21 athletes from Brazil, Bahrain, Chile, Ecuador, France, Kuwait, Paraguay and Russia will compete for the title of World Military Champion from 13 to 17 October.


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After the arrival of the delegations on 11 October, the Opening Ceremony and the various technical and preparatory meetings for the competition took place on 12 October.


The Opening Ceremony took place in the General Rubem Continentino indoor arena, one of the tracks that hosted the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, in the presence of Colonel Hervé Piccirillo, CISM President; Lieutenant-General João Campos Ferreira Filho, Chief of the Brazilian Delegation to CISM; Major-General Cureau, Head of the Army Physical Training Centre; and the CISM Chiefs of Mission, athletes and delegates.


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The CISM President Colonel Hervé Piccirillo took the floor to open the Championships: "Equestrian is a military sport and helps to bring up each of us in the military. It is also an important part of the history of our armies. This sport is one of the lynchpins of the physical and psychological preparation of the soldier with strong military values: commitment, team spirit, and humility. For military athletes, it is a dream to be here in Rio de Janeiro, one of the most famous city in the world. The competition will take place at the Army Equestrian School, at the same venue that hosted the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics Games."


He also added: "Today is a special day for Brazil. It is the 90th birthday of the inauguration of the CORCOVADO, symbol of the peace and the unity of Brazil. That is why, this week, it would be an opportunity for everyone to share experiences, to discover the culture and heritage of this beautiful city and to spread the military values of CISM. Through this military sport event, Brazil contributes to the rebirth of CISM after more than a year of suspending its sporting activities. Your presence here in the city of Rio proves that we have succeeded together in this challenge."


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"Today, everyone rediscovers the joy and happiness of once again sharing the military values of CISM which has united us since its creation in 1948: solidarity, friendship, resilience and universality. To conclude, I wish you the best for this competition, enjoy in the spirit of the founders of CISM, friendship and fraternity!", concluded Colonel Piccirillo


The spectators were treated to a superb parade of horses and riders belonging to the 2nd Cavalry Regiment of the Guard. They wore the historical uniforms of the three cavalry regiments of the Brazilian army, and some were equipped with riot gear, while the various musical tunes were played by the 2nd Cavalry Regiment of the Guard.


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The training and testing will start today before the start of the competition on 14 October.



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(Source :  Brazilian Delegation to CISM)