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PCSC Meeting and SC Meeting in Malaga, Spain


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MALAGA (ESP) - From 2 to 4 February, the Spanish Delegation to CISM hosted in Malaga the meeting of the CISM Sports Commission and the first PCSC-meeting in 2023.


The Sports Commission (SC) Meeting took place on February 2 in presence of the SC President Lieutenant-Colonel Jure Velepec, the CISM Sports Department staff and, as special guest, the CISM Secretary General, Navy Captain Roberto Recchia. Various topics were discussed such as new sports in CISM and updated anti-doping regulations. Furthermore, the updates on the new parasport working group were introduced by Mr. Steven Dinote, while Lieutenant-Colonel Jan van den Dool presented the CISM Sports, Peace and Solidarity Strategy. The first day of meeting ended up with an update on CISM Games by the CISM Games Director Colonel Joseph Bakari. On the second day of their meeting, the Sport Department partly attended the first day of the PCSC Meeting. In the afternoon, they concluded their meeting with a last session to formulate their advises on several sports topics for the CISM Board of Directors meeting which will take place during the first week of March.


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The PCSC-meeting, attended by 21 of the 25 PCSC’s, started on February 3rd with the welcome speech of Colonel Carlos Verdugo, Chief of the Spanish Delegation to CISM and BoD Member and the opening words of the CISM Secretary General, Navy Captain Roberto Recchia. After the report of the CISM Sports Director and a report on the advises of the SC, the PCSC’s had a very fruitful and open discussion on many topics regarding sports in CISM now and in the future.


The CISM Sports Department took advantage of the end of the first day and of the second day (February 4th) to inform the PCSC’s on topics related to anti-doping, parasport, sports calendar until 5 years ahead and development of sports etc... Finally, the CISM Secretary General closed the meeting with his closing speech during which he highlighted the fact that this meeting was really fruitful, with many interesting discussions, useful conclusions and good advises for the CISM Sports Department and the CISM Board of Directors Meeting.


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See you in March for the next CISM Institutional event, the Board of Directors Meeting which will be organized by the Swiss Delegation to CISM in Lucerne!


(Source: CISM General Secretariat)