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CISM Athlete of the Year 2023 Award: recognizing excellence in sportsmanship and values


23003 banniere AOTY women


BRUSSELS (BEL) – In 2023, the prestigious CISM Athlete of the Year Award seeks to honor outstanding athletes who not only demonstrate exceptional sporting achievements but also embody the core values of CISM while elevating its visibility. This includes considerations of fair play, personal empathy, discipline, respect for rules, and self-behavior.


Eligible contenders for this esteemed award are active-duty male and female athletes who have participated in CISM events at the Sports World level, specifically during the CISM World Military Championships or CISM World Games. The evaluation period spans from January 1st to December 31st, 2023.


Sailing AOY 2023 Sgt Silva


The initial phase involved an online public vote to shortlist candidates, resulting in the emergence of two frontrunners: Warrant Officer Mohamed Reda El Aaraby (MAR - Track & Field) and Sergeant Georgia Da Silva (BRA - Sailing), who collected 1,603 votes (46.5%) and 1,342 votes (57.1%), respectively.


The rankings for the female category are as follows:


  1. Sergeant GEORGIA DA SILVA (BRA) - Sailing (57.1%)
  2. Corporal MATHILDE GAUTIER (FRA) - Triathlon (16.3%)
  3. Private NINA CHRISTEN (SUI) - Shooting (10.9%)


El Aaraby uniform


The male category standings are:


  1. WO EL AARABY MOHAMED REDA (MAR) - Track & Field (46.5%)
  2. Sergeant GEISON DZIOUBANOV (BRA) - Sailing (36.2%)
  3. Lieutenant AMANGALI BEKBOLATOV (KAZ) - Wrestling (7.5%)


Notably, these votes represent the preliminary results, and the final outcome is yet to be determined.


23003 banniere AOTY men


The upcoming stages of the Athlete of the Year 2023 process include:


  • 2nd step: PCSC voting (5th to 10th February 2024) - Online survey to select two additional male and two female athletes.
  • 3rd step: Selection Commission (13th February 2024) - Representatives from all continents will propose the best candidate after analyzing the three remaining male and female candidates.
  • 4th step: Board of Directors approval (19-22 February 2024) - Approval of the final candidates during the 1st BoD Meeting 2024.
  • 5th step: Honouring the Athletes of the Year at the 79th General Assembly (12-19 May 2024).


(Source: CISM Media & Communication Department)