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Unveiling the future: highlights from the inaugural 2024 CISM Sports Commission and PCSC Meeting


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BRUSSELS (BEL) - The first CISM Sports Commission meeting and PCSC Meeting for 2024 took place from January 15 to 17 in the new CISM Headquarters in Brussels, bringing together key figures from the military sports community. The meetings were attended by CISM President Colonel Nilton Rolim, CISM Secretary General Navy Captain Roberto Recchia, Lieutenant-Colonel Jure Velepec (President of the CISM Sports Commission), Major Jan-Henrik Bäck (SC and BoD Member), other esteemed members of the commission, the PCSC in attendance and the HQ Staff Members.


After the first day of the SC Meeting held on January 15, the meeting of the Presidents of the CISM Sports Committees commenced on January 16 with opening remarks from CISM President Colonel Nilton Rolim, Secretary General Navy Captain Roberto Recchia, Lieutenant-Colonel Jure Velepec, President of the CISM Sports Commission and Lieutenant-Colonel Jan van den Dool, CISM Sports Director.


The CISM President resumed his address to deliver the Report, offering valuable insights into the overall state of CISM. Subsequently, Lieutenant-Colonel Jan van den Dool, the Sport Director, provided updates on the current status of CISM sports events and outlined future plans for CISM sports.


After a coffee break, Lieutenant-Colonel Jure Velepec, the President of CISM Sports Commission, presented the outcomes and key decisions made during the Sports Commission Meeting.


Then the Presidents of CISM Sport Committees engaged in discussions regarding documents to be submitted to the Board of Directors and topics arising from the Sports Commission Meeting.


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After Lunch, the sports Commission had a last meeting together and the PCSC’s had a closed session to discuss some internal points. The first day ended with a new exchange of thoughts between PCSC about collaborations with and support from the CISM Headquarters.


The second day of the PCSC Meeting kicked off with Navy Commander Ney Anderson, the CSC Manager, who delved into a discussion on management strategies and lessons learned within the context of the CISM Sports Committees.


In the following session on the World Military Championship Management, Major Kavgias shared valuable insights and lessons learned from the management perspective of the World Military Championships. While Major Martinez, the Academic Director & Anti-Doping Manager, provided an in-depth discussion on strategies and lessons learned in the realm of anti-doping.


Commander Dimuthu Thissera, the CISM Parasport Manager, shared insights into the management of parasports within the CISM framework and a PCSC Discussion on addressing Sport Department Management issues, fostering collaborative discussions among the key stakeholders.


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The morning session ended with the CISM Games Director Report by Colonel Joseph Bakari who provided comprehensive updates on the state of CISM Games, a new PCSC Discussions session centered around Games Management issues, engaging the participants in fruitful discussions.


The first part of the afternoon was dedicated to the PCSC Best Practices and Follow-Up Actions during which participants shared best practices derived from the World Military Championship 2023, facilitating an exchange of knowledge and experiences.


In the part for Follow-up Actions and Conclusions, Lieutenant-Colonel Jan van den Dool and Lieutenant Margherita Magnani, the PCSC representative, addressed the next steps, proposed initiatives for the Board of Directors Meeting 2024-1 and resolved any lingering issues.


The day concluded with the Closing Session, providing a formal wrap-up to the discussions and activities of the day during which the CISM Secretary General Navy Captain Roberto Recchia also thanked all the participants for their work during this two-days meeting and their commitment towards CISM.


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Finally, a informal reception was hosted at the CISM Headquarters to bid farewell and express gratitude to the departing members of the CISM Sports Department. Among those leaving in the coming months are Deputy Sports Director and PCSC Manager Navy Commander Guimarães dos Santos Ney Anderson (BRA), World Military Championships Manager Major Guilherme Oliveira Kavgias (BRA), Acting CISM Academic Director & Anti-doping Manager Major Jefferson Martinez Monjardim Couto (BRA), as well as Results & Statistics and Parasport Manager Commander Biyagamage Dimuthu Samira Thissera (SRI), who will leave in July.


The audience also extended a warm welcome to three new members joining the CISM HQ: Captain Luuk Nissen (NED), Captain Joao Espolaor (BRA), and Commander Akamine (BRA). They are set to commence their duties at the CISM HQ in Brussels now. Major Nicolas Ferré (FRA) also graced the occasion and is set to officially join CISM in July.


See you now for our next institutional event, the CISM Board of Directors Meeting 2024/1, which will be held from 18 to 21 February 2024 in the brand new CISM Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.


(Source: CISM Media & Communication Department)