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41st WMC Judo - Santo Domingo (DOM) - Update Day 2


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Dominicans Conquer Three Bronze Medals at the Start of the 41st WMC Judo

SANTO DOMINGO (DOM) - The 41st World Military Judo Championship commenced on July 28 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and the nation is already celebrating its athletes' exceptional achievements. Under the auspices of the Ministry of Defense, the Sports Circle of the Armed Forces and the National Police, and overseen by CISM, the championship brought together military athletes from around the world for a display of exceptional judo skills.


In an impressive display of skill and determination, Dominican athletes secured three bronze medals on the opening day of the championship, marking a promising start for the host nation. The event took place at the esteemed Dr. Gioriver Arias Volleyball Pavilion, where passionate spectators gathered to witness the extraordinary performances.




In the fiercely contested under 48 kilograms category, Estefania Soriano demonstrated her tenacity and skill, earning a well-deserved bronze medal. The category's top honor, the gold medal, was gracefully claimed by French athlete Laura Espadinha, while Lois Petit from Belgium showcased her talent to clinch the silver. Notably, Brazilian athlete Amanda Ferreira de Lima tied with the Dominican representative for the prestigious bronze medal.


The under 57 kilograms category witnessed a remarkable performance by Brazilian athlete Jessica Couto Lima, who emerged victorious with the gold medal. Russian athlete Nova Kakhrama displayed incredible technique to earn the silver, while the bronze was shared between French athlete Lou Lemire and the Dominican pride, Ana Rosa García.


Adding to the Dominican glory, the third bronze medal was secured in the under 52 kilograms category by Coral Patricia Velázquez Paulino, who demonstrated her prowess alongside Maria Martínez from Chile.


In the quest for gold, Brazilian Yasimna Rodríguez de Lima emerged triumphant in the under 52 kilograms category, while Leonie González from France showcased her talent to claim the silver.




The opening day of the championship also witnessed exceptional performances in other categories. Korean athlete Ryu Seung Hwan showcased outstanding skill to claim the gold medal in the under 66 kilograms category. Brazilian Williams de Sousa took home the silver, and Russian Ivan Petrov, alongside French athlete Joslan Florimont, celebrated their achievements with bronze medals.


Furthermore, in the under 63 kilograms category, French athlete Gaetane Deberdt, Russian Valentina Ostapets, and Belgian Alessia Corrao dominated the podium with the gold, silver, and bronze medals, respectively.


The under 60 kilograms category saw remarkable displays of talent, with Russian Simeonidis earning the gold medal, and Fradj Dho securing the silver. The bronze medals were claimed by Korean athletes Kim Hwasu and Chun Seonnwoo.




The competition on the first day showcased the world-class talent of judo athletes from various nations, fostering an atmosphere of camaraderie and sportsmanship. The results demonstrate the exceptional skills of the Dominican participants and the dedication they have shown in preparing for this prestigious tournament.


The 41st Military World Judo Championship continues to draw esteemed delegations from across the globe, including competitors from Colombia, France, Russia, South Africa, Chile, Slovakia, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Korea, Brazil, Belgium, Tunisia, Italy, Iran, Peru, Netherlands, Switzerland, Kazakhstan, Palestine, and the host nation, the Dominican Republic.


As the excitement continues to build, spectators and participants eagerly await the upcoming matches and the chance to witness history in the making. The 41st Military World Judo Championship promises to be an unforgettable spectacle of athleticism, courage, and international cooperation.


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(Source: Delegation of Dominican Republic to CISM)