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41st WMC Judo - Santo Domingo (DOM) - Update Day 3


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Dominican Republic athletes showcase remarkable achievements on the second day of the 41st WMC Judo

SANTO DOMINGO (DOM) -  During the 41st WMC Judo competition hosted in the Dominican Republic, the second day saw fierce rivalry as military forces from different nations competed intensely.


In the -73kg male category, Park Hee Won from Korea showcased his judo prowess, securing the gold medal with his exceptional technique against the French judoka athlete Theo Riquin who exhibited tremendous skill and determination, earning him the silver medal. The bronze medals were awarded to Jeferson Luiz Dos Santos Junior from Brazil and Kazbek Naguchev representing Russia, both of whom demonstrated impressive performances throughout the championship.


In the -81kg male category, Muso Sobirov from Uzbekistan emerged as the triumphant gold medalist, displaying impeccable technique and strategy. Eduardo Yudy Brito Santos from Brazil showcased his tenacity and secured the silver medal. The bronze medals in this category were claimed by Georgii Elbakiev from Russia and Lukas Wittwer representing Switzerland, both of whom impressed the spectators with their remarkable performances.




The -90kg male category witnessed fierce competition, culminating in Roberto Alfonso Florentino Tapia from the Dominican Republic claiming the gold medal with his exceptional skills. In a gripping final match, he emerged victorious by defeating Simon Gautschi from Switzerland, securing the coveted gold medal. The bronze medals in this category were won by Egor Andoni from Russia and Marcelo Augusto Silva Gomes representing Brazil.


Florentino's exceptional performance showcased the talent and dedication of Dominican athletes in the realm of Judo, positioning him as a formidable contender for future Olympic triumphs.


In the -100kg male category, Ilias Murzabekov from Russia showcased his judo excellence, securing the gold medal with his outstanding performance. Chilean athlete Rafael Romo Jelves displayed his determination and secured the silver medal. The bronze medals were awarded to Seo Jae Hyun from Korea and Cédric Olivar representing France, both of whom exhibited exceptional skills on the mat.




In the +100kg male category, Uzbekistan's Mukhammadkarim Khurramov emerged as the dominant force, claiming the gold medal with his remarkable judo techniques in the final against his teammate Bekmurod Oltiboev. The bronze medals were earned by Joao Marcos Cesarino da Silva from Brazil and Dmitrii Iakushev representing Russia, both of whom displayed incredible strength and determination.


In the fiercely contested -70kg female category, Daria Davydova from Russia emerged as the victorious gold medalist, showcasing her prowess and technique on the judo mat, as she defeated the Frenchwoman Kaila Issoufi in an intense final, while the bronze medals were clinched by Luana Oliveira de Carvalho and Eduarda Vaz Rosa, both representing Brazil.




The -78kg female category was no less thrilling, with Chloe Buttigieg representing France and clinching the gold medal in a brilliant display of technique and determination after defeating Russian Alena Prokopenko. The two bronze medals in this category were claimed by Beatriz Furtado Petri de Freitas from Brazil and Eiraima Silvestre Tusen from the host country, the Dominican Republic.


In the +78kg female category, the competition reached its pinnacle as athletes fiercely battled for the prestigious medals. Samah Hawa Camara from France showcased her supremacy and claimed the gold medal, while Moira Morillo Polanco from the Dominican Republic won the silver medal, adding to the host country's pride. The bronze medals in this category were awarded to Samanta De Almeida from Brazil and Anzhela Gasparian from Russia.




The achievements of Florentino, Morillo, and Silvestre in this esteemed championship have undoubtedly raised the profile of military judo in the Dominican Republic and strengthened its position on the world stage. The Dominican Republic extends its warmest congratulations to all participants and expresses its gratitude to the event's sponsors and organizers for making this unforgettable sporting spectacle possible.


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(Source: Delegation of Dominican Republic to CISM)