Board of Directors Meeting 2021-2 in Lanzarote, Spain - General Assembly and third session of the BoD


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LANZAROTE (ESP) – After the African, Asian, American and European Continental Meetings held on June 29 by videoconference, the main event of the main event of this important institutional week for CISM took place with the General Assembly held via VTC in presence of our 140 Member Nations.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and its restrictions, the Delegates of our Member Nations had to follow the General Assembly and Congress via VTC, for the second time in the CISM History after 2020.


The agenda was quite interesting and condensed!


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Communication of the CISM President


The CISM President Colonel Hervé Piccirillo opened the CISM General Assembly by thanking the entire CISM family for attending this important annual event despite the crisis the world is facing and for getting prepared for the all the events planned in the future.


Colonel Piccirillo also thanked the Spanish Delegation and the CISM Staff and its Secretary General Colonel Dorah Mamby Koita for all the work achieved during these difficult times and for keeping the military sports running!


CISM Secretary General’s Report


The CISM Secretary General, Colonel Dorah Mamby Koita, started with its report covering all the different areas of activities (Strategy and General Affaires, Finances, Sports, CISM World Games and Communication) of the CISM General Secretariat and all the activities and goals achieved since the last General Assembly held via VTC in 2020.


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CISM Treasurer General’s Report


 The CISM Treasurer General Lieutenant-Colonel Marc de Wagter took the floor to present the different budgets (2020, 2021 and 2022), the financial results as well as the auditor report that confirmed that CISM followed Belgian laws perfectly. The Treasurer General also detailed the determination of the amount of the CISM Membership Fee 2022.


CISM Regulations Commission


The President of the CISM Regulations Commission, Colonel Steven Rosso, Member of the BoD, presented all the different proposals of changes to the CISM Regulations that will be voted by the Chiefs of Delegation of the CISM Member Nations in attendance of the event!


CISM Strategic Commission


Colonel Dirk Schwede, President of the Strategic Commission, presented the roadmap of the Commission, the achievements of the last months as well as the requirements in terms of involvement of the different continents to ensure a smooth running of the Commission.


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CISM Overall Sport Policy


The part dedicated to the CISM Sports started with a presentation of the CISM Sports Commission President, Lieutenant-Colonel Walter Borghino, on the contribution of the CISM Sports Commission to the overall CISM Sports Policy followed by the Report of the CISM Sports Director, Colonel Luiz Fernando, who informed the audience about the calendar of events 2021, 2022 and 2023, the overall PCSC situation and the different updates made by the Sports Department in terms of publication of documents.


The PCSC Representative, Nilton Gomes Filho Rolim, gave a speech on the important contribution of the Presidents of the CISM Sports Committees to the overall CISM Sports Policy.


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The CISM World Games


 The floor was first given to the German Organizing Committee of the 4th CISM World Winter Games 2022 who informed the delegates about the progress of the preparations of the event.


The Russian and French Delegation to CISM also had the opportunity to present their respective event, namely the 3rd CISM Military World Cadet Games 2022 to be held in Russia in 2022 and the 1st CISM Heroes Military Games scheduled in September 2022 in Fontainebleau, France.


Finally, the floor was given to Colonel Joseph Bakari, CISM Games Director, who gave an update on the future 3rd CISM World Football Cup and the future of the CISM World Games and presented the report of the CISM Games Department on the 7th CISM World Summer Games 2019 that took place in Wuhan in October 2019.


The Swiss Delegation to CISM also took the floor to present the 2025 CISM Military World Winter Games awarded to the city of Lucerne by the CISM Board of Directors two days ago. The Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport (DDPS) submitted its bid in September 2020. As no other countries applied to host the Games, the CISM’s Board of Directors approved Switzerland’s bid.


The organising committee will be placing a special emphasis on sustainability. Switzerland will achieve its goal of hosting the first ever carbon-neutral Military World Games by using existing infrastructure, short transport routes and public transport wherever possible. Any unavoidable CO2 emissions will be offset.


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Statutory Events


After the Report of the Commission for the Verification of Credentials by Colonel Dirk Schwede and the Presentation and Vote of the Decision Files and of the Statutory Calendar 2021-2026 by the CISM Secretary General Colonel Dorah Mamby Koita, the results of the votes of the Board of Directors Members’ elections have been announced by Major Guilherme Bottrel Carvalho, the CISM Protocol & Events Manager.


It’s a pleasure for the CISM Family to welcome the new members of BoD: Colonel Verdugo (ESP) re-elected as BoD Member Europe and Major-General Botsman (RUS) and Colonel Karim (BAN), respectively elected as BoD Member Europe and BoD Member Asia. The CISM Family wish them much success for their future mandate.


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The Peruvian Delegation to CISM will host the next GA 2022 and had the opportunity to present the event to the CISM Delegates while the Greeek Delegation to CISM did the same for the CISM International Symposium to be held this year in Ancient Olympia, Greece.


The first virtual CISM General Assembly and Congress successfully ended with the Closing Addresses of the CISM Secretary General and the CISM President.


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The Official Program of the 75th CISM General Assembly and Congress came to an end yesterday with the third and last session of the BoD Meeting, the Closing Ceremony and the Official Dinner of the event!


Thank you Spain and see you in 2022 in Peru for another exciting event of the CISM Family life!


(Source: CISM Media and Communication Department)