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46th World Military Parachuting Championship 2024: exciting competitions continue amidst wind challenges


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SZOLNOK (HUN) - The 46th World Military Parachuting Championship continued to deliver exhilarating performances on its fourth day on July 5, despite encountering unforeseen weather conditions. The day began with clear blue skies but stronger-than-anticipated winds, prompting the Meet Director to adjust the schedule accordingly.


The competition initially progressed with Men's Formation Skydiving, followed by Women's Style events. By noon, increasing wind speeds necessitated a temporary halt, delaying activities until 4 PM. Upon resumption, the remaining rounds of Style and Formation Skydiving were successfully completed. An additional hour extended the competition to 8 PM, allowing the commencement of Accuracy jumps.


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In the Men's Style category, the first round saw impressive performances from junior competitors, with two ranking among the top ten. Meanwhile, in Women's Style, Germany's Tatjana Gustke secured the lead after two rounds, surpassing three strong contenders from China.


In Men's Formation Skydiving, Belgium maintains the lead with 103 points, followed closely by the USA with 98 points and Qatar with 94 points. In Women's Formation Skydiving, Korea leads with 89 points, followed by China with 74 points and Brazil with 56 points. The Accuracy Jumps category remains tightly contested, with six male competitors currently tied for first place, separated by mere centimeters.


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The competition is expected to intensify in the coming days, with the individual overall calculations from Accuracy and Style promising a fierce battle for the medals. Spectators are anticipated to gather in greater numbers on Saturday to support the Hungarian Accuracy team, currently in second place. However, strong winds are forecasted, which may affect the ability to conduct Accuracy jumps, limited to a wind speed of 7 meters per second. Should winds stay below 11 m/s, Style and Formation events are likely to continue, ensuring another action-packed day at both drop zones.


How to Follow the 46th CISM World Military Parachuting Championships Online


  • Official Results:

Access all competition results at the ISC Results Centre, where 15 different rankings are available. Final, signed result lists will be uploaded in PDF format.


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  • Style and Formation Videos:

Watch event videos: StyleFormation

Each jump video includes judges' assessments and final scores.


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  • Real-Time Accuracy Scores:

Follow real-time scoring and wind conditions for the Accuracy event via CISM Airshots. Click on team names to view individual scores as they happen. Adjust smartphone orientation horizontally for optimal viewing.


(Source: CSC Parachuting - Pictures: Carsten Thiel - hmzrinyi.hu)