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Arrival day of the 46th World Military Parachuting Championship: preparation and accreditation


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SZOLNOK (HUN) – Yesterday, July 2, the participating teams and judges of the 46th WMC Parachuting arrived in Szolnok, and the accreditation center was bustling from early morning until midnight. During accreditation, ID cards were issued and corrected as needed. Team leaders were asked to verify the recorded national anthems, flags, and ensure all names were correctly spelled. This double-checking proved valuable, correcting issues such as an upside-down flag.


All start lists are available on the LOC website https://cism46wmpc.hu/results, where unofficial results will be posted in real-time. This allows everyone, whether on the field or at home, to follow the championship's progress.


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Today features a packed schedule, beginning with breakfast at the drop zone at 0630. The opening ceremony will take place in Szolnok City Center at 0900, followed by the official preliminary meeting at 1000, and the training round starting at 1200. With all meals served at the drop zone, participants will remain there until dinner. Given the favorable weather forecast, the Meet Director plans to proceed with the first competition rounds immediately after training. Starting the competition early is crucial, as delays at the beginning can lead to significant issues later, especially if weather holds or tie-break jumps are necessary. This proactive approach is supported by both the Chief Judge (CJ) and the President of the Competition Sports Committee (PCSC).


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While teams were being accredited, judges and technicians tested all systems. A plan for sharing the big screen was finalized, and all three Event Judges confirmed their readiness for the competition. In the evening, the Chief Judge convened his panel for a briefing, introduced new judges attending CISM for the first time, and prepared the judge panel for the next day's action.


(Source: CSC Parachuting - Pictures: Carsten Thiel)