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Close contests and tie-breaks mark Day 8 of World Military Parachuting Championship


Day 8 (6)


SZOLNOK (HUN) - Tuesday, July 9th marked a decisive and thrilling day at the 46th World Military Parachuting Championship, with numerous medals secured as the competition reached its climax. Only the final round of Team Accuracy for the top seven male and top four female teams remains, scheduled for Wednesday morning.


The day commenced with the team leader meeting at 7:30 AM, followed by the first competitors taking to the skies above the target at 8:00 AM. All remaining rounds in style and formation were completed throughout the day, with the Chief Judge utilizing the big screen for live judging of the final rounds. This allowed spectators to witness the performances and immediate scoring of the top teams in reverse order from the semi-final results, heightening the excitement.


The intense competition saw only the mentally and technically strongest athletes securing top positions. Demonstrating true sportsmanship and embodying the CISM motto "Friendship through Sport," teams cheered for both the winners and those who narrowly missed out on medals.


Day 8 (3)


The final signed result lists, detailing the medalists in the female, male, and junior categories, are available at the ISC Results Centre.


Highlights included Belgium’s “Hayabusa” clinching gold in male Formation Skydiving, narrowly edging out the USA’s “Golden Knights,” who had led after round 5. The South Korean female Formation team dominated, maintaining their lead throughout and positioning South Korea for overall top honors.


A remarkable tie-break jump determined the female individual overall gold medal in Style, with OR6 Gustke from Germany winning by a mere 0.09 seconds. Additional tie-break jumps are anticipated for junior individual overall results.


In the highly competitive Accuracy events, several tie-break jumps may be necessary, especially for third place, where even the slightest margin can decide podium positions. Detailed results are available in the “Latest Signed Results” PDFs, and any unresolved ties will require further jumps.


Day 8 (2)


The final Team Accuracy round on Wednesday promises potential shake-ups in the rankings. The host country Hungary has a narrow margin to secure a medal, competing closely with China for silver and bronze positions. Real-time results can be followed on the innovative “Airshots” live result display.


With the final competition day poised for excitement, audiences both on-site and online can expect a gripping conclusion to the championships. Visit the live result display at [Airshots Results] around 9 AM CET on Wednesday to see the confirmed medal winners.


Following Tuesday’s competition, the CSC meeting introduced the new PCSC, Capt Tamas Banszki, who shared future championship plans and rule changes. The program continues with the award ceremonies on Wednesday, followed by a visit to Budapest on Thursday, and concluding with the closing ceremony and hangar party on Friday, featuring Hungarian goulash and free beer for unforgettable moments.


For more information and detailed results, visit [World Skydiving Results].


Day 8 (5)


How to Follow the 46th CISM World Military Parachuting Championships Online


  • Official Results:

Access all competition results at the ISC Results Centre, where 15 different rankings are available. Final, signed result lists will be uploaded in PDF format.


  • Style and Formation Videos:

Watch event videos: StyleFormation

Each jump video includes judges' assessments and final scores.


Day 8 (4)


  • Real-Time Accuracy Scores:

Follow real-time scoring and wind conditions for the Accuracy event via CISM Airshots. Click on team names to view individual scores as they happen. Adjust smartphone orientation horizontally for optimal viewing.


(Source: CSC Parachuting - Pictures: Carsten Thiel)