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Szolnok hosts spectacular Opening Ceremony for the 46th World Military Parachuting Championship


Day 1 (25)


SZOLNOK (HUN) - The 46th World Military Parachuting Championship commenced with a grand Opening Ceremony in Szolnok’s city center, drawing attendance from high-ranking officials and enthusiastic spectators. The event adhered to CISM traditions, featuring the parade of teams in French alphabetical order, each represented by a national flag bearer in military uniform. Hungarian and CISM flags were raised, accompanied by their respective anthems.


Szolnok's Mayor, Mr. Ferenc Szalay, welcomed participants from across Asia, Africa, America, and Europe, highlighting Szolnok’s enduring relationship with the Hungarian Defense Forces (HDF). He also noted the championship’s return to Szolnok, reaffirming the town’s reputation for exceptional competition management and hospitality, facilitated by the 86th Helicopter Wing.


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State Secretary and Deputy Minister of Defence, MP Tamás Vargha, officially opened the championships with the traditional declaration, setting the stage for the competition. Athletes then transitioned to their accommodations to change from uniforms to sport attire, while officials attended the Preliminary Meeting in the auditorium.


CISM President, Colonel Nilton Gomes Rolim Filho, opened the meeting, commending the organizers for their meticulous preparation and efficient opening ceremony. He supported the Meet Director, Colonel Levente Réz’s, decision to begin the competition immediately after the training jump, considering the sport's dependence on favorable weather conditions. Detailed briefings on competition and safety were provided by Meet Director Colonel Réz and Chief Judge WO1 Oliver Vent, followed by the teams moving to the main dropzone for lunch and the start of jump activities.


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Afternoon jumps commenced as planned, featuring a special CISM-style training round that integrates formation skydiving exit from 1500m AGL with accuracy training on target. Following the training jump, the competition began with male accuracy and female style events.


Despite some interruptions to the style event due to cloud cover, the first round of male accuracy was completed, revealing top scores from Switzerland, Brazil, Italy, and the Czech Republic, each with a total of 3 cm. Four additional teams trailed closely by just one centimeter, promising an exciting and competitive week ahead.


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The introduction of a new accuracy live scoring system enables real-time viewing of jump results online. Full results and updates can be accessed at the LOC Website. 


The following day, July 4, promises favorable weather, with plans to continue with male accuracy and female style events.


How to Follow the 46th CISM World Military Parachuting Championships Online


  • Official Results:

Access all competition results at the ISC Results Centre, where 15 different rankings are available. Final, signed result lists will be uploaded in PDF format.


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  • Style and Formation Videos:

Watch event videos: StyleFormation

Each jump video includes judges' assessments and final scores.


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  • Real-Time Accuracy Scores:

Follow real-time scoring and wind conditions for the Accuracy event via CISM Airshots. Click on team names to view individual scores as they happen. Adjust smartphone orientation horizontally for optimal viewing.


(Source: CSC Parachuting - Pictures: Carsten Thiel)