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Tactical decisions and thrilling lead changes mark Day 6 of the 46th World Military Parachuting Championship


Day 6 (3)


SZOLNOK (HUN) - The 46th World Military Parachuting Championship continued to thrill spectators and competitors alike on Sunday, July 7th, 2024. Ideal conditions with clear skies and low winds marked the start of the day, perfect for parachuting competition. However, by midday, the target area for the Accuracy event became excessively hot and thermic. This led the Meet Director and Chief Judge to pause the Team Accuracy event, redirecting the focus to Style and Formation events at two parallel dropzones.


The competition is moving swiftly, with significant progress made across various events:

  • Accuracy: Male: 5 rounds, Female: 6 rounds (of 10 total)
  • Style: Male: 3 rounds, Female: 4 rounds (of 5 total)
  • Formation: Male: 6 rounds, Female: 7 rounds (of 8 total)


A fierce battle is unfolding in the Male Formation Skydiving category, where Team USA has taken a slim lead with 198 points, just one point ahead of Belgium’s 197. The upcoming rounds will determine who clinches the gold. Qatar holds a relatively secure 3rd place with 187 points, followed by Spain in 4th with 174 points. No changes have been noted in the Female Formation rankings, with Korea, China, and Brazil maintaining their top three positions.


Day 6 (4)


In Male Individual Accuracy, three athletes are currently tied for first place with only 2 cm difference. The Hungarian team, with 24 cm, is back in the fight for medals, tying with Korea for 4th place. The Czech team leads with 14 cm, followed by Italy (19 cm) and China (22 cm) after five rounds.


The Female Accuracy team leaderboard is led by China with 25 cm, followed by Italy (75 cm) and France (121 cm). In the Style category, the top positions remain highly competitive, with narrow margins separating the leaders. The junior classification sees an exciting tie for first place, with two athletes posting identical total times of 21.48 seconds across three jumps.


For detailed results and competitor names, visit the official scoring website of the International Skydiving Federation (ISC): https://results.worldskydiving.org/FrontEnd/CompetitionCollection/1060.


Day 6 (6)


In the evening, newly appointed PCSC Captain Tamás Bánszki convened his first CSC meeting to set the stage for the expanded CSC meeting scheduled for Tuesday evening in accordance with CISM regulations. ISC President Alberto Martin Paracuellos and CISM President Colonel Nilton Rolim were in attendance, sharing insights on potential hosts for future championships.


The results of the CSC meeting, including potential rule changes and updates to the competition calendar, will be shared with team officials at the enlarged CSC meeting on July 9th. The CISM parachuting community eagerly anticipates updates on future event organizers.


The traditional gift exchange event is scheduled for Monday evening, July 8th. Should the favorable weather continue, the first medal winners of the championships may be announced by day's end.


Day 6 (5)


How to Follow the 46th CISM World Military Parachuting Championships Online


  • Official Results:

Access all competition results at the ISC Results Centre, where 15 different rankings are available. Final, signed result lists will be uploaded in PDF format.


  • Style and Formation Videos:

Watch event videos: StyleFormation

Each jump video includes judges' assessments and final scores.


Day 6 (2)


  • Real-Time Accuracy Scores:

Follow real-time scoring and wind conditions for the Accuracy event via CISM Airshots. Click on team names to view individual scores as they happen. Adjust smartphone orientation horizontally for optimal viewing.


(Source: CSC Parachuting - Pictures: Carsten Thiel)