Board of Directors Meeting 2021-2 in Lanzarote, Spain

BoD 3


LANZAROTE (ESP) – On June 27, the second CISM Board of Directors Meeting of the year 2021, organized in the framework of the 76th CISM General Assembly and Congress, was opened in Lanzarote by the CISM President Colonel Hervé Piccirillo. After the welcome speech of Colonel Carlos Verdugo, Chief of the Spanish Delegation to CISM and host of the BoD Meeting, Colonel Piccirillo mentioned the very active role played by Spain in the restart of the CISM activities.


In the beginning of June, Spain already hosted the first CISM sport event since 2019, the World Military Sailing Championship, they are currently organizing the BoD meeting and, from June 29 to July 5, they will host the 22nd WMC Triathlon in Lanzarote.


BoD 2

This BoD meeting is part of the General Assembly week. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 restrictions, the General Assembly itself and the continental meetings will still have to be held by video teleconferencing.
In the afternoon of June 27, the first session of the BoD took place with BoD members present in Lanzarote and BoD members via video teleconferencing.


During this session, the CISM President and CISM Secretary General Colonel Dorah Mamby Koita presented their report of the last period, and the Vice-Presidents gave their continental reports with a peek into the future, followed by the presentations of the CISM commissions with a special report from the Sports Commission. The President of the CISM Sports Commission, Lieutenant-Colonel Walter Borghino, will leave the BoD after 12 years of membership. He looked back at his almost 20 years commitment to CISM. Fortunately, we will not lose the broad experience of Lieutenant-Colonel Borghino, since he will stay as President of the CISM Sports Commission until his retirement in February 2023.


BoD 5


The second session of the BoD Meeting took place on June 28, with reports from the Sports, Games, International Relations and Communication Departments.
Yesterday, June 29, the continental meetings were held via video teleconference while the General Assembly will take place today, also via VTC!


(Source: CISM General Affairs Department)