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27th World Military Taekwondo Championship kicks off with enthusiastic participation in Mungyeong


Invitation File, 27th CISM Taekwondo Championship 2024


MUNGYEONG (KOR) - The 27th World Military Taekwondo Championship officially commenced on May 31 at Mungyeong Citizens Stadium, setting the stage for a remarkable event that has drawn elite athletes and officials from around the globe. The championship, hosted by the Ministry of National Defense and co-organized by Mungyeong City and the Korean Armed Forces Athletic Corps, is proudly sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Gyeongsangbuk-do.


With approximately 260 top-tier athletes from 20 countries competing in eight weight classes for both men and women, the championship promises fierce competition and outstanding displays of skill. The opening ceremony, graced by the CISM Official Representative and Board of Directors Member Colonel Nathalie Birgentzlen, co-chairpersons Hyunkook Shin, Mayor of Mungyeong, and Dongyeol Kim, Commander of the Korean Armed Forces Athletic Corps, alongside Army Chief of Staff Ahnsoo Park, delegates from the CISM Member Nations, and around 4,000 Mungyeong citizens and dignitaries, marked a vibrant start to the event.




The ceremony featured an array of pre-event activities, including a captivating Taekwondo demonstration by the Kukkiwon team, an exhilarating high-altitude jump by Special Forces, the grand entrance of athletes, and the formal declaration of the opening. The event concluded with a spectacular celebratory flight by the Black Eagles and performances by the three military honor guards, which thrilled the audience.


Throughout the championship, a variety of engaging programs such as military band performances, honor guard demonstrations, Mungyeong City Nanta performances, and additional Taekwondo demonstrations will entertain both athletes and the public.


Shinhyeon Shin, co-chairman of the 2024 Gyeongbuk Mungyeong World Military Taekwondo Championships organizing committee, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "Mungyeong is a proven international sports city that successfully hosted the '2015 CISM World Military Summer Games.' We are delighted to host another large-scale international event. We hope for the active participation and interest of our citizens in this Taekwondo-unifying event."


The first day of competition, held on June 1st at the KAFAC Facilities, which previously hosted the 2015 5th CISM World Summer Games in Wuhan, showcased high-level taekwondo bouts that captivated the audience. The intense competition and display of athletic prowess set the tone for the rest of the championship.


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Day One Results


In the Women's -46kg category, Angélique Orozco of Canada clinched the gold, with South Korea's Jeon Ae Rim securing silver and Uzbekistan's Samira Adashalieva taking bronze. In the Women's -49kg division, Italy's Martina Corelli emerged victorious, followed by Nuray Baurzhanove from Kazakhstan and Zukharakhon Tojimatova from Uzbekistan.


Kazakhstan's Yasmina Narbayeva triumphed in the Women's -53kg class, with Germany's Leonie Johanna Mayer and Uzbekistan's Marjona Primova rounding out the podium. In the Men's -54kg category, Dong Wook Lee of South Korea claimed gold, while Yasin Valizadeh from Iran took silver, and both Emircan Onus from Germany and Mohamed Amin Mir from Tunisia earned bronze.


여자  53kg[1]


Iran's Alireza Hosseinpour dominated the Men's -58kg class, with Kazakhstan's Zhavokhirkhon Islamov and Mongolia's Enkhbayar Gantulga, along with South Korea's Choi Won Cheol, securing bronze medals. In the Men's -63kg category, Lorenzo Capuano of Italy won gold, Kazakhstan's Amanbol Begimbetov took silver, and Andres Leonardo Ortiz Blanco from Colombia and Amir Abbass Rahnama from Iran both received bronze medals.


For those who missed the live action, the first day of competition is available for replay here.



This championship not only highlights the athletic excellence of military personnel but also fosters international camaraderie and sportsmanship. The event continues to unfold with anticipation for more thrilling contests and unforgettable moments.


Tune in today to watch the action live on the Youtube Channel of the Local Organizing Committee.


(Source: CISM Media & Communication Department)