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CISM Military Challenge Rugby 7’s: exciting Day 2 action in Amsterdam


Day 3 (5)


AMSTERDAM (NED) - The second day of the CISM Military Challenge Rugby 7’s tournament saw intense competition and thrilling matches as teams battled it out in both the men’s and women’s categories. Here are the highlights from Day 2:


CISM Military Challenge Rugby (Men) - Round-Robin Matches:


  • Netherlands vs USA: The USA team showcased their strength and agility, defeating the Netherlands with a solid performance. The Dutch team managed to score one try, but the American defense held firm, ensuring a 17-5 victory for the USA.
  • South Korea vs France: In a closely contested match, France edged out South Korea with a final score of 17-12. Both teams demonstrated excellent skills and strategic plays, but it was the French team that managed to secure the win.


Day 3 (17)


  • Ireland vs Netherlands: A nail-biting game ended in a draw, with both Ireland and the Netherlands scoring 10 points each. The match was a testament to the evenly matched capabilities of both sides, leaving fans eagerly anticipating their next performances.


  • USA vs France: France continued their winning streak with a decisive 22-10 victory over the USA. The French team displayed remarkable coordination and speed, overpowering the American defense to secure their second win of the day.


Day 3 (9)


  • South Korea vs Ireland: South Korea dominated their match against Ireland, achieving a commanding 38-5 win. The Korean team’s offensive strategy was too much for the Irish defense, resulting in a high-scoring game in favor of South Korea.


CISM Military Challenge Rugby (Women) Round-Robin games:


  • Ireland vs USA: The USA women’s team delivered a powerful performance against Ireland, winning 27-5. The American players’ speed and tactical superiority were evident throughout the match, earning them a significant victory.


  • France vs Netherlands: France showcased their dominance with a staggering 59-0 win over the Netherlands. The French team’s relentless offense and impenetrable defense left the Dutch team struggling to keep up.


Day 3 (13)


Women’s Knockout - Semifinals:


  • USA vs Ireland: In the semifinals, the USA continued their impressive form, defeating Ireland 27-0. The American team’s consistent performance secured them a spot in the gold medal game.


  • France vs Netherlands: France earned their place in the final by defeating the Netherlands 38-10 in the semifinals. The French team’s strategic play and exceptional teamwork were key to their victory.


Watch the recap of the Competition Day 2:



Upcoming Matches on June 6:


The tournament continues today with the women’s gold medal game between France and the USA, and the bronze medal game featuring Ireland and the Netherlands. Additionally, the men’s competition will see placement games and finals, promising another day of exhilarating rugby action in Amsterdam. For detailed results and further updates, visit the new CISM Partner's App, Sofascore, at the following link: Sofascore Military Challenge Rugby !


Stay tuned for more updates and results from the CISM Military Challenge Rugby 7’s tournament.


(Source: CISM Media & Communication Department - Pictures: Bureau Internationale Militaire Sport)