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USA and France crowned at the 2nd Military Challenge Rugby 7's


Day 4 (15)


AMSTERDAM (NED) - The curtain has fallen on the exhilarating 2nd CISM Military Challenge Rugby 7's Championship, capping off a week of intense competition and camaraderie. From June 1 to June 6, teams from across the globe converged on the Amsterdam Rugby Club (ARC) fields, showcasing their skills and embodying the spirit of "Friendship Through Sport."


A Week of Rugby Excellence


The championship kicked off with all teams arriving on Saturday, June 1. Following their arrival, the opening ceremony set the tone on Sunday, filled with pomp and enthusiasm, and concluded with a lively meet and greet event that evening. Monday saw the teams stepping onto the ARC fields for the first time, where they honed their strategies and techniques in preparation for the competitive days ahead.


For three days, the fields were alive with fierce competition as teams vied for supremacy in a series of thrilling matches. Yesterday, June 6, marked the climax of the championship with the much-anticipated finals for both men and women.


Day 4 (29)


  • Women's Final: France vs USA:


The finals began with the women's teams, featuring a highly anticipated face-off between France and USA. Despite expectations of a closely contested battle, the French team demonstrated their dominance and strategic prowess, securing a convincing victory with a final score of 19-0. France’s triumph was a testament to their skillful play and tactical brilliance, earning them the coveted gold medal.


In the bronze medal match, Ireland edged out the Netherlands in a tight contest, finishing 19-10. Both teams displayed commendable effort and sportsmanship throughout the match.


Day 4 (3)


  • Men's Final: USA vs France


Following the women's final, the men's teams took to the field, with France and USA competing for the top honors. This match was a gripping display of high-octane rugby, with tensions soaring as both teams fought vigorously for every point. Contrary to pre-match expectations, the USA emerged victorious with a score of 21-10, delivering a standout performance that highlighted their resilience and tactical acumen.


In the battle for the bronze medal, South Korea showcased their prowess with a decisive win over the Netherlands, concluding the match at 45-12.


Day 4 (2)


Celebration and Farewell


The championship concluded on a celebratory note with a delightful BBQ and a festive evening, bringing together athletes from all participating nations in a joyous end to a week of spirited competition. The event fostered a strong sense of community and friendship among the participants, underscoring the CISM ethos of promoting peace through sport.


As the 2nd Military Challenge Rugby 7's Championship comes to a close, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the athletes, coaches, and organizers for their dedication and sportsmanship. We wish everyone a safe journey home and look forward to future gatherings that continue to strengthen bonds through the power of sport.


Day 4 (28)


Final Results


CISM Military Challenge Rugby 7’s Championship – Women’s Finals:


  • Gold Medal Game: USA vs France - 0-19
  • Bronze Medal Game: Netherlands vs Ireland - 10-19



CISM Military Challenge Rugby 7’s Championship – Men’s Finals:


  • Gold Medal Game: USA vs France - 21-10
  • Bronze Medal Game: Netherlands vs South Korea - 12-45


Thank you, participants, for making this championship a memorable experience. See you in the next edition!


(Source: CISM Media & Communication Department - Pictures: Bureau Internationale Militaire Sport)