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Vacancies for Presidents of CISM Sports Committees (PCSCs) announced




BRUSSELS (BEL) - We are pleased to announce three upcoming vacancies for the prestigious role of Presidents of CISM Sports Committees (PCSCs), critical positions within CISM's sports framework. The vacancies are for the term 2025-2029, commencing from the CISM General Assembly 2025, and involve the following sports: Fencing, Naval Pentathlon and Sailing.


The application process for these pivotal roles is now open, and we invite qualified candidates to step forward and contribute to the management and development of their respective sports within CISM.


The selection of new PCSCs for the upcoming term will occur during the 3rd Board of Directors Meeting 2024. We kindly request CISM Delegations to submit their candidate proposals by September 1st, 2024.


Additional information and a curriculum vitae template can be accessed on the CISM website at www.milsport.one.


For further inquiries, please contact the CISM Headquarters (cism@milsport.one)


Your participation and support in identifying capable leaders for these roles are crucial in maintaining and enhancing the excellence of CISM sports.


(Source: CISM Media & Communication Department )